Not Sure Which Silk to Choose?

Shop our Buyer's Guide to find your perfect silk!

Not Sure Which Silk to Choose?

Shop our Buyer's Guide to find your perfect silk!

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Mulberry Park Silks explains the difference between pillowcases and pillow shams and describes how silk pillow shams can be a part of your luxurious bed. We explain the difference between pillow shams and pillowcases, discuss what our shams look like, and offer tips on styling with silk shams to enhance bed aesthetics. We offer guidance on cleaning silk pillow shams and silk bedding in general. 

Supporting a friend or loved one through this cancer diagnosis can be challenging. Sometimes it’s hard to know how best to help but even the smallest comforts -- like the simple gift of a silk pillowcase or headscarf -- can make a big difference.
The experts at Mulberry Park Silks weigh in on whether silk or satin pillowcases are better for your skin. We discuss the origin and unique properties of each fabric, including feel, breathability, moisture retention, resistance to allergens,and overall quality with silk proving superior on all fronts except cost.
The experts at Mulberry Park Silks explain how silk accessories can seamlessly integrate into your wellness practices. From yoga and meditation to exercise and sleep, silk can elevate your mind-body experience and contribute to your overall well-being. The article discusses the special properties of silk that make it so wonderful and offers recommendations of how different Mulberry Park Silks products–including eye pillows, sleep masks, pillowcases, scrunchies, glam bands, and robes–can pair with specific wellness practices.

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