Are Silk Sheets Really A Natural Remedy For Hot Flashes?

    The question of whether silk sheets are a natural remedy for hot flashes is one of the most common questions we get asked at Mulberry Park Silks. To answer that question, let's start with what a hot flash really is. 

    The feeling is easy to describe, but the science of it involves fluctuating hormone levels combined with a lower threshold to heat due to bodily changes as women age. The result is a reaction in the brain that causes a physical response. The bran makes the heart start pumping faster, dilates the skins blood vessels to increase circulation and the result is feeling hot. When you feel hot, your body sweats to cool you off. 

    Now that we know how a hot flash works, can sleeping on silk sheets help? 

    The answer according to thousands of woman who have made the jump from cotton to silk sheets is a resounding yes according to Mary Babinski from Mulberry Park Silks. "It has to do with silk unique ability to wick away moisture without getting damp. When cotton sheets get damp, they can no longer absorb the sweat your body produces during a hot flash and you get hot much faster.

    "Cotton Shut Down The Natural Cooling Process Of Your Body!"

    Silk keeps you dry and as a result of the cooling effect your body is trying to accomplish continues. This effect of trying to get back to homeostasis is referred to as thermoregulation."
    Silk does things no other natural fiber can do. It really is remarkable. 
    What about in cold weather? Won't silk sheets cool me down?
    Actually, they will keep you warm. Silk has a very low conductivity which results in an ability to create thin air insulation layer that is capable of keeping you warm. When you sweat it keeps you cool, but when you aren't sweating, it keeps you warm. Magic! 
    So while silk sheets won't cure hot flashes all together, they are a very effective tool to allow you to get a good nights sleep without waking in a pile of soaking sheets. Get the most benefit go with 22 momme charmeuse silk sheets of the highest grade silk fiber like those at Mulberry Park Silks. 
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