How To Wash and Clean Silk Pillowcases and Bedding

    Mulberry Park Silk pillowcases and bedding are machine washable and will be enjoyed for years to come if the washing instructions below are closely followed.

    Only Use a PH Neutral Detergent: Because silk is a natural fiber, washing silk fabrics in a detergent that is too acidic or that consists alkaline will cause the delicate fibers of silk to harden.  Make sure your detergent clearly reads that it has a “Has a Neutral PH.” This will help maintain the integrity of the fabric with every wash.

    Do Not Wash In Hot Water:High temperatures above 80 degrees Fahrenheit (29 Celsius) can damage silk significantly. It is best to wash all silk products in cold water. 

    Do Not Use Bleach: Using bleach will harm the silk fabric and cause yellowing to occur.

    Do Not Use Fabric Softener:  The natural thread fibers of silk combined with our specialized weaving technique creates the softest silk products available today. There is no need to add fabric softener to the wash as this will only create a residue on the delicate fabric.

    Do Not Dry Clean: While dry cleaning won’t damage the silk fabric in any way, there is no reason to incur the extra expense of having our silk pillowcases dry cleaned. If machine washing is not an option, then we recommend hand washing instead with a small amount of detergent.

    Hang Drying:   While our silk products are safe for use in the dryer with low heat, we do not recommend this method for drying silk pillowcases. To help preserve the integrity of the fabric, we recommend hang drying as an alternative. Place the silk pillowcase on a non-slip hanger simply air dry. The drying time should only take about 45 minutes depending on the temperature condition of the area.

    Tumble Machine Dry: If you prefer to machine dry, then tumble dry using a no-heat setting.

    Do Not Use Dryer Sheets: We do not recommend using a dryer sheet. The dryer sheet will only add a wax coating to the fabric and will not help to prevent the pillowcase from being wrinkled.   

    Do Not Use Dryer Balls:  Dryer balls are sets of balls, either wool or spiky plastic, used to help soften fabrics without chemicals in a tumble clothes dryer. The use of these balls can cause tearing of the delicate silk fabric. 

    Light Iron Only: All silk products wrinkle after washing however; after a few nights of sleeping on our pillowcases, the silk threads will start to relax and straighten. If you prefer to iron your pillowcases, we recommend doing so only using the lowest setting available.

    We Recommend These Quality Products From     

    Fine Mesh Wash Bags:  Investing in a laundry wash bag will certainly help to keep your silk pillowcases from tearing especially if you use a washing machine that has an agitator mechanism. The light fabric of silk can sometimes caught underneath the agitator causing it to tear and pull apart the pillowcase. Wash bags will help to keep your pillowcase from getting caught. For best results we recommend a fine mesh wash bag.

    Fine Fabric Wash: This is the ultimate washing detergent for all luxury textiles like silk and linen fabrics.  It is gentle on fabric yet cleans effectively without causing any damage. This specialized formula contains powerful cleaning enzymes that will remove the toughest of stains on any fabric. It has a neutral PH that will help to maintain the integrity of all silk fabrics.

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