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    Mulberry Park Silks: The Fight Against Counterfeit Shops

    Mulberry Park Silks is a luxury brand that has been providing high-quality silk products for years. However, in recent times, the brand has been facing a major challenge: the expansion of counterfeit shops on Amazon. The growing presence of these counterfeit stores presents a risk to the credibility of our brand, potentially tarnishing the trust of our loyal customers.

    It is important to note that Mulberry Park Silks only has one authorized retailer, FLandB | Fine Linen and Bath, and authorized Amazon storefronts only in the USA, Mexico, and Canada. All other shops claiming to sell Mulberry Park Silks products are counterfeit.

    These fake shops sell subpar products that are often not genuine silk and do not meet Mulberry Park Silks’ brand Due to the size of the platform, counterfeiters are able to evade detection and reach a wider audience, making it more difficult for customers to differentiate between genuine and fake products. As a result, Mulberry Park Silks is taking steps to rectify this problem. The brand is working closely with our Amazon partners to identify and take down counterfeit shops.

    In addition, Mulberry Park Silks is implementing measures to educate customers on the identification of fake products and prevent them from being misled. As always,Mulberry Park Silks is committed to providing our customers with high-quality genuine silk products at affordable prices. By purchasing products from the brand’s authorized retailer on Amazon, Fine Linen and Bath (Flandb), or on Amazon in the USA, Mexico, and Canada, customers can be confident that they are receiving genuine Grade 6A silk. At, you can always shop with confidence and take advantage of our live chat for a personalized shopping experience. We are also available by phone Monday - Friday 9:30 am to 5:30 pm EST or via email for any assistance that is needed.