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Model Wears Silk Headscarf

This article emphasizes the importance of protecting hair extensions with proper care, and suggests using a Mulberry Park Silks pure silk headscarf for overnight hair protection. It discusses hair extensions, aftercare, and best practices for protecting them, such as washing carefully, using a soft-bristled brush, avoiding heat styling, and wrapping hair when sleeping. Additionally, the article explains the difference between silk and satin, emphasizing the importance of using a genuine silk scarf to maintain the hair's natural moisture, and why Mulberry Park Silks Bandana-Style Scarf is the best choice for wrapping hair extensions.

Model Wears Silk Headscarf
Wearing a silk head wrap to sleep protects your hair from damage and helps preserve your style. This article explains why a pure mulberry silk scarf outperforms cotton and satin to be the best choice for promoting hair health overnight.
Sleeping with a silk scarf can protect your hair from frizz, damage, and breakage. This article discusses the protective benefits of silk head wraps and how to use them.

As the days get longer and the weather is warmer, remember everything you love about summer can result in some seriously damaged hair - sun, surf, and chlorine. We have five silk products to naturally conditioning, moisturizing, and protective to your hair this summer.

If you're struggling with frizzy hair, you're not alone. We, too, are soldiers in the never-ending battle against frizz. For years, we've attacked it regularly with all the usual tools: anti-frizz shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in hair care products. Learn how adding a silk pillowcase to your regiment can help.