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    In this article we take an honest look at the drawbacks of silk pillowcases and silk sheets.We’ve put together a list of five commonly identified disadvantages of silk bedding, including the expense and difficulty of care.Read on and discover the pros and cons of silk for yourself.


    Learn the salon secret of how a silk pillowcase can help to protect and care for your color-treated hair. A cotton pillowcase acts as a reverse conditioner by pulling moisture out of your hair while you sleep, whereas a silk pillowcases unique molecular properties help your hair and skin retain moisture.

    Did you know that HOW you dry your silk sheets and pillowcases is equally important as how you wash them. The good news is that silk can be dried safely, easily, and quickly, simply by following these few quick tips.

    A team of scientists recently released peer-reviewed research about the effectiveness of common materials used for face masks such as cotton fabric, silk, and polyester. They found that a silk mask was the most effective barrier to droplets thanks to its ability to repel water and its anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and hypoallergenic properties.

    Have you ever wondered why silk sheets and silk pillowcases are so expensive? Why to seemingly similar products are priced differently? It's important to understand that when it comes to luxury sheets made from real silk, you will pay more for higher quality. Silk is a natural fiber, and silk production is a time-intensive process. But there’s a lot more to it.

    Buying a silk pillowcase is an excellent investment in your health, beauty, and overall wellness. But besides pillowcase size and color, you must also consider the weight or momme of the silk. Silk pillowcases come in 19, 22, 25, and 30 momme weights. This guide will help you decide which momme weight is best for you.

    When buy silk sheets it is important to make sure that everything fits your bed and mattress just right. Choosing the correct pocket depth for your mattress is easy when you follow these simple steps.

    22 Momme Silk Sheet Set in Master Bedroom

    Sleeping on a silk pillowcase is a great investment in your hair, skin, and overall wellness. But with with so many silk pillowcase choices it is honestly overwhelming - so buyer beware! In this guide we explain the most important things for you to consider when shopping for the best silk pillowcase.


    Silk vs Cotton fabric

    Learn how Silk and Cotton are different. When cotton is compared to silk, there are some essential differences that give silk a distinct advantage. We discuss if silk or cotton is gentler on your skin and which fabric is better at wick away moisture without getting damp.

    What is the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and why is it important? The Oeko-Tex Standard 100 is a testing and accreditation program that is the standard for the screening of chemicals and harmful substances in fabrics and textiles. When buy silk pillowcases and sheets having this accreditation it is a must have, learn why...

    Silk questions and answers

    You've got questions about the health benefits of silk for your hair and skin, we've got answers. Silk has many benefits including taming bed head; minimizing sleep wrinkles; helping skin retain moisture, and protecting fragile hair from breakage. Learn about the amazing restorative benefits of sleeping on silk.

    What does momme mean? How important is momme when buying a silk pillowcase or silk sheet? Learn about what momme means in silk fabric.

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