Unique and Affordable Teacher Gift Ideas for 2023

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This article offers fun and affordable ideas for teacher gifts that are sure to be appreciated. 

Teacher Reads to Class

Find the Best Teacher Gift

It’s that time of the school year again: the school calendar has just one page and you’re faced with the annual challenge of picking the perfect school teacher gifts to show your gratitude and admiration. Of course, a gift card or cash is always appreciated; this is a practical gift since many teachers purchase their own classroom supplies.

However, many districts prohibit teachers from accepting those items as a teacher appreciation gift. If these are the rules at your child’s school—or if you prefer to give something that’s a bit more personal—we’ve got your covered with a great gift idea or two to honor your favorite teacher. After all, the Mulberry Park Silks team spends a good bit of our time helping our clients shop for the perfect gift. This list of suggestions for the best gifts to thank your beloved teachers for their hard work, dedication, and care for your student.

For the teacher that can’t get enough of their students: 

This Heirloom Memories Video Book allows you to create up to 20 minutes of personalized video that plays on a 5-inch HD video screen inside a hardcover book. Fill it with messages from the class, pictures of artwork, or special video memories from the year (field trips, projects, class parties, and more). Digital Memory Book

It’s easy to put together and completely customizable. Think of it as an amped-up digital greeting card that is sure to be treasured. Perfect for a preschool teacher and also a favorite gift for any teacher or administrator heading into retirement.

For the teacher that deserves a great night’s sleep:

Let’s face it: teaching can be absolutely exhausting. Whether it’s their first year or they’re a seasoned educator, your child’s teacher has definitely put in some late nights making lesson plans, grading papers, and making the classroom a welcoming environment that fosters learning. It’s time to say thank you with the gift of a luxurious night of beauty sleep: this pure silk pillowcase and sleep mask bundle from Mulberry Park Silks.

Made from 22 momme silk of the highest grade (6A), this pillowcase tames tangles and bedhead, minimizes sleep wrinkles, and keeps hair and skin well-hydrated. The comfortable silk sleep mask is light-blocking and made from the same luxurious silk as our pillowcase. One size adjustable strap fits all while soothing delicate skin around the eyes. This bundle is a thoughtful gift that any busy teacher will love.

For the teacher that always knows just what to say:

Motivating young learners, and knowing how to redirect, correct, and encourage them on their paths is a wonderful skill. Thank the teacher that always knows just what to say with this soothing scented candle that delivers the perfect pep talk. Be Kind to Your Mind candle will burn for 60 hours with the relaxing scent of Vetiver.

For the tech-savvy teacher:

The tools for teaching have transformed radically since we were children. And while everyone is certainly “connected” in today’s world, there are definitely those teachers harnessing the latest innovations to enrich their students’ learning and enhance their school experience.

Thank that teacher with the LITTIL Elevate portable phone stand. Sleek and stylish, this phone stand doubles as a charging dock; folds down to pocket size; and works with Apple, Samsung, and other Android phones. Fully adjustable display angle and extendable height.

For the teacher that’s racing off to the spa:

You know this teacher: the one with styled hair, full makeup, and beautifully done nails, despite working with second graders! Treat this teacher to our pure Silk Glam Band, the perfect accessory for holding back hair during spa treatments, skin care, and make-up application. Made from 100% pure silk that’s packed with proteins and amino acids that condition and protect hair while she gets her glam on. Antimicrobial silk is lightweight and hypoallergenic. Tuck into a gift basket or pair with a gift certificate for a favorite spa treatment and you’re good to go. Shipped in a beautiful gift box.

For the teacher that needs a pick me up:

Trust us: your child’s teacher doesn’t need another mug. But they DO need something delicious to fill the mugs they already have. Knowing that teachers are always pressed for time, and that staff room coffee leaves a lot to be desired, we are big fans of these single-serve bags from Steeped Coffee.

No machine or coffee maker needed. Just add water and dunk these barista-approved bags like a teabag (what a great idea!). Choose from multiple varieties of gourmet flavors including Sunrise Blend, California Blend, Organic French Roast, and more.

For the teacher your child has driven crazy all year:

Is your child just a tiny bit “extra?” Asking tons of questions, maybe a bit chatty, or in need of redirection? A daredevil on the playground perhaps? If this sounds familiar, treat your teacher to a soothing Silk Aromatherapy Eye Pillow.

Couple Lies on Bed With Silk Lavender Eye Pillows on They can reduce stress and restore calm with this high-quality pillow made from our pure 6A mulberry fabric (case) and filled with organic dried lavender and food-grade flax seeds for just the right amount of weight and gentle pressure. Oversized eye pillow measures 4” x 11” to deliver soothing relief to pressure points on the side of the face and temples. Can be used for hot or cold therapy on eyes and other body parts. Comes in a beautiful gift box.

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