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    Mulberry Park Silks Featured in Glam’s article, “Why You'll Want To Upgrade Your Sleeping Arrangement To Include Silk Sheets”

    Branford, CT --- January 25, 2023

    Mulberry Park Silks is pleased to have been highlighted in Glam’s article entitled, “ Why You’ll Want to Upgrade Your Sleeping Arrangement To Include Silk Sheets.

    Glam Article Image

    The feature, which highlights the benefits of sleeping on silk, from hair and skin benefits to hypoallergenic and antimicrobial attributes, draws from Mulberry Park Silk’s Insider Blog to educate about silk’s temperature regulating properties:

    “For those of you who have trouble with other fabrics because they irritate your allergies, you will really appreciate having silk sheets,” Sarah Vulpio of Glam writes,” They're naturally hypoallergenic, as they're made from a protein-based natural fiber that repels mold and dust mites — two things that can provoke allergy symptoms, according to Mulberry Park Silks. Additionally, because genuine silk sheets are breathable, they help maintain your body's natural temperature, so you don't have to worry about overheating in the summertime or freezing your butt off during the winter.”

    Mulberry Park Silks Brand Manager, Erika Cellupica is delighted by the Glam feature . "We started Mulberry Park Silks with the goal of educating our customers about the intrinsic benefits of this luxurious textile. Our popular blog has become a staple for those wishing to educate themselves on every aspect of silk ownership." To read the full article on glam’s site, click here .


    About Mulberry Park Silks:

    Our mission at Mulberry Park Silks is simple : Design, manufacture, and sell the highest quality silk at fair prices while educating our clients to the many benefits of silk. Mulberry Park Silks is a division of Fine Linen and Bath, an online luxury linen retailer located in Branford, CT. Mulberry Park Silks offers a complete line of silk products including silk pillowcases , 22 momme deluxe bedding , children’s bedding , and a line of silk accessories including glam bands , sleep masks , travel pillows and hair scrunchies . All fabric used for MPS products is 100% pure mulberry Grade 6A long-strand silk and has been OEKO-TEX® Certified (Standard 100) to be free of chemicals. Mulberry Park Silks 100% pure silk products are available on Amazon . Follow us on Instagram @mulberryparksilks