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"Discover the top-rated Mulberry Park Silks 22 Momme sheet set, named the best silk sheets of 2023 by Better Homes & Gardens. Luxury, temperature-regulation, and quality in eight colors."
Experience the ultimate in comfort and luxury with Mulberry Park Silks' award-winning silk sheets, named "Best Silk Sheets" by Made from 100% grade 6A mulberry silk, our sheet sets offer natural cooling properties and unmatched softness for a truly restful night's sleep. While our sheets may be a splurge, we believe that investing in high-quality sleep is priceless. Shop now and discover why our silk sheets are the perfect addition to your sleep routine.
Discover why Mulberry Park Silks has been named Real Simple's top choice for lightweight silk sheet sets in 2023, offering exceptional quality, comfort, and luxury for your best sleep experience.

Woman on Silk SheetsElle magazine has recognized Mulberry Park Silks' 22 momme sheet set as one of the top 16 silk sheets in their recent article, "16 Best Silk Sheets for the Most Luxurious Sleep of Your Life," featured in the Fashion and Shopping section of their website.

Man uses Cane to Walk with Daughter
The Davis Finney Foundation for Parkinson's has complied a comprehensive list of "Gear and Gadgets For The One You Love With Parkinson's." Comprised of functional and stylish items that can alleviate some of the daily struggles faced by individuals living with Parkinson's, and Mulberry park Silks is proud to be included.
Model Lies in Silk Bedding
Mulberry Park Silks,a luxury brand specializing in silk bedding and accessories, is pleased to announce that their Queen Silk Sheet Set has been named Best Overall in PureWow'sarticle "The 15 Best Silk Sheets Money Can Buy."
Model Lies on Palms Pillowcases
Mulberry Park Silks is excited to announce that we have been selected as the “Best Overall Silk Bed Set” and “Best Silk Sheet Separates” in Glam’s article entitled,” Silk Bedding Sets to Keep You Cool All Summer."
Mulberry Park silks on Kelly and Ryan
Mulberry Park Silks’ 22 momme silk pillowcases, eye masks and sheet sets were highlighted on Live with Kelly and Ryan during the segment, Back to Back Bargains with Monica Mangin.
Model in Silk Robe on Silk Bedding
Mulberry Park Silks is thrilled to announce our recent spotlight in the popular blog The Rebel Chick. In the article, "Why Should You Choose Silk Sleepwear Instead of Cotton or Linen?" The Rebel Chick discusses the many benefits of sleeping in silk pajamas and highlights the high-quality, luxurious silk sheets, bedding and accessories available at
Woman Sits on Steel Blue 22 Momme Sheet SetMedical News Today, in it’s ranking of pure mulberry silk sheets, has given us the rating of “Best Overall” in their article,7 best silk sheets of 2022: Benefits, Comfort, and Feeland has underscored some of our most notable features.