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    The Mulberry Park Silk Little Royals silk charmeuse fitted Crib Sheet is made from natural and organic ingredients and is 100% Mulberry silk. Silk is gentle on your baby's dry skin and helps with baby bald spots, eczema, and cradle cap. View Full Description
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    • The Mulberry Park Silk Little Royals silk charmeuse Fitted Crib Sheet is made from natural and organic ingredients and is 100% Mulberry silk.

      • Pure 19 momme silk toddler bedding
      • Gentle on baby's dry skin
      • Helps with baby bald spots, eczema, and cradle cap
      • Fitted crib sheet measures 28" x 52" with an 8" deep fully elasticized pocket
      • OEKO-TEX certified

      Hypoallergenic, Ultra Soft and Breathable

      Our silk fabric is designed to be naturally hypoallergenic, resistant to dust mites, mold, fungus, and other allergens. The silk crib sheet is breathable and super soft, making it the ideal sleep environment for your precious baby.

      Protects Baby's Sensitive Skin

      Your baby's delicate skin is uniquely vulnerable to problems like dryness, eczema, and cradle cap. Silk crib sheets help with these conditions by keeping infant skin well-hydrated to help prevent and heal the dry, scaly patches and irritation common with eczema. Silk fabric has antifungal and wicking properties that also help control cradle cap, a yeast infection of baby's scalp, face, and skin folds.

      Gentle on your Baby's Hair

      Some babies have a distinct bald patch on the back of their heads as the result of friction against hard surfaces like mattresses or car seats. Cotton crib sheets contribute to the problem, as fibers can tug on delicate baby hair and cause it to fall out. A Little Royal's silk charmeuse crib sheet allows your baby's head to glide friction-free across its smooth surface with no rubbing, tugging, or tearing at fragile hair.

      Temperature Regulating, Breathable for your Baby's Comfort

      Silk crib sheets are breathable and help regulate your baby's body temperature. Silk also wicks away moisture to keep baby dry, unlike cotton sheets.

      Environmentally Friendly and Safe

      Feel good about putting your baby down to sleep on silk sheet from Mulberry Park Silks. We use only environmentally friendly dyes, and all products are OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified to be free of harmful chemicals.

      What You Will Receive

      100% pure 19 Momme Fitted Sheet. Fitted Crib Sheet measures 28" x 52" and features an 8" deep, fully elasticized pocket for a secure fit on the mattress. Our toddler boy and toddler girl crib bedding is available in Natural White, Bedtime Blue, Goodnight Green, Lullaby Pink. These silk sheets are suitable for any nursery, naturally dyed with no shading or fading. Makes a wonderful boys or girls baby shower gift.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    Great Crib Sheet

    We love our Mulberry Park silk sheet! It fits very nicely on a Newton mattress and passed the breathability test when I tried it. It is really soft and feels like a very high-quality sheet. My little one was developing quite a bald spot from her cotton sheets and this has helped a lot! She is already growing back some hair and we’ve only had it on for a week! I would definitely recommend their products!

    Difference in her hair in less than a week!

    My babe has curly locks that dry out easily. she always wakes up with dry and frizzy hair after sleeping on cotton sheets. i’ve noticed a difference in her hair using the silk sheets for one week. her hair was glossy and ringlets in perfect form this morning! silk sheets are worth every penny!

    Thank you for the review! We are so glad that your silk sheets are helping her hair. We are very pleased to hear that you are enjoying your sheet set!

    Great quality!

    These crib sheets are great quality! Hope they will help with baby’s bald spot. I’ll report back :)

    Thank you for your review! We are so pleased to hear that you are satisfied with the quality of our crib sheets. We are glad you and your little one are enjoying them.

    Eczema Relief

    I bought this for my 10 month old who struggles with eczema. I’m happy to report that after sleeping in these sheets he wakes up a lot less itchy and red!

    Saving my LO’s hair

    I bought these sheets because my son with curly hair continued to put knots in his hair to the point where he was developing bald spots. We’ve only had these sheets for a week but it’s the first time in months that he is gone more than a night with no knots in his hair!

    Worth every penny !

    My little pumpkin sleeps so much better on these sheets. They keep him cool at night and most importantly protect his hair. Due to cradle cap a lot of his hair came out but with these sheets his hair is growing back sooo fast! This is a must have for babies!

    Ultimate luxury for your little one !

    The silk crib sheet was a bit of a splurge for my little one but wanted to try a bedding that may help with his eczema. Silk definitely helped his skin and also helped him take naps like a champ ! No overheating and he falls right asleep :)

    no frizz-ness

    After searching for what seemed like forever... I finally found true silk fitted sheets for my daughter's crib. I have a satin pillowcase but since my daughter is still a baby and can't use pillows, I was left to use the regular cotton sheets. Until I stumbled upon Mulberry silks. Holy moly my daughter LOVES it... and I say that because before she would always get hot but now she actually loves to roll around in her crib and enjoy the cool sheet on her skin. And this Mama loves that her very curly hair is knots and frizz-free. Now that I spoiled my daughter, I want to spoil myself. I'm saving up for a silk sheet for my king size bed. Oh, it's definitely going to happen. And no worries about the wrinkles they disappear once on the bed and just use a very gentle soap to clean it

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