Heritage Park Fine Fabric Wash - Shore Breeze
Heritage Park Fine Fabric Wash - Shore Breeze

Heritage Park Fine Fabric Wash - Shore Breeze

$ 23.00

Heritage Park Fine Fabric Wash is the ultimate laundry detergent to gently preserve fine luxury fabrics for years to come. Harsh detergents weaken fabric thread fibers leading to damaging holes, tears or pilling to develop. This specialized solution preserves and gently cleans all laundered luxuries while preserving the fine thread fibers, making them look and feel beautiful.

Ideal laundry detergent for silk products, luxury bedding, fine table linens and lingerie.

Available in Shore Breeze or Fragrance-Free Scents

  • HE MACHINES: Concentrated formula for high efficiency and traditional top loading washing machines.
  • PROTECTS YOUR LUXURY FABRICS: Gently and effectively cleans without causing damage to costly fabrics
  • SAFE AND EFFECTIVE STAIN REMOVER: Perfectly balances powerful cleaning enzymes, capable of removing tough, set-in stains, while remaining gentle on heirloom linens and garments made of cotton, synthetic and blended fabrics
  • CONTAINS NO Dyes, NO Sulfates, NO Phosphates (optical brighteners), NO Chlorine, NO Bleach and NO Caustics; Is Biodegradable, Has a Neutral PH and is NEVER Tested on Animals
  • DYE-FREE. Perfect for those with sensitive skin allergies. 

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