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    Mulberry Park Silks Featured in Glam’s article, “Silk Sheets to Keep You Cool All Summer”

    Rose Quartz Bedding with Orchid Pillowcase

    Branford, CT --- February 14, 2023

    Mulberry Park Silks is excited to announce that we have been selected as the “Best Overall Silk Bed Set” and “Best Silk Sheet Separates” in Glam’s article entitled,” Silk Bedding Sets to Keep You Cool All Summer."

    Silk’s hypoallergenic and antimicrobial properties are commonly discussed, but now you can add temperature regulation to the list of health and wellness benefits silk offers.

    The feature, which focuses on the cooling properties of silk sheets, explains why they are ideal for summer, “instead of cranking the air conditioner and running up your utility bill, opt for the coolness of silk sheets to help you doze off”, the article begins.

    “Mulberry Park Silks is a mainstay name in the silk bedding niche for a good reason. With a great price point for 100% Mulberry silk, the Mulberry Park 22 Momme 6A Mulberry Silk Bed Sheets also comes in nine colors so that you can match it just right to your style”, Glam writer, Oana Muresan states, ranking Mulberry park Silks as “Best Overall.”

    Later in the article, the brand was recognized for “Best Silk Sheet Separates” 

    “If you're wanting to get all your silk bedding accessories separately, Mulberry Park Silks has you covered. They have one of the largest selections of separates for pillowcases, fitted and flat sheets, duvet covers, and even baby and toddler bed sheets” Muresan explains.

    Mulberry Park Silks Brand Manager, Erika Cellupica was pleased by the Glam feature, "Our staff discovered the temperature regulating properties of silk as some of us sleep hot and suffer from night sweats. Silk was the perfect remedy. Customers continue to learn more about the myriad benefits of sleeping on silk from our Silk Insider Blog, which has been converting cotton enthusiasts for years."

    To read the full article on Glam’s site, Click Here

    About Mulberry Park Silks:

    Our mission at Mulberry Park Silks is simple: Design, manufacture, and sell the highest quality silk at fair prices while educating our clients to the many benefits of silk. Mulberry Park Silks is a division of Fine Linen and Bath, an online luxury linen retailer located in Branford, CT. Mulberry Park Silks offers a complete line of silk products including silk pillowcases, 22 momme deluxe bedding, children’s bedding, and a line of silk accessories including glam bands, sleep masks, travel pillows and hair scrunchies. All fabric used for MPS products is 100% pure mulberry Grade 6A long-strand silk and has been OEKO-TEX® Certified (Standard 100) to be free of chemicals. Mulberry Park Silks 100% pure silk products are available on Amazon. Follow us on Instagram @mulberryparksilks