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    Customer Reviews

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    Lovely colora

    I like the fact that the company offers free same swatches of their colors. It's a great way to see and pick out your favorite before placing your order. Pictures may look similar but are never quite the same. The swatches are a great way to see the actual color as is and make your choice then.

    Comfy and smooth

    These are very smooth and comfortable. Well worth the money.

    Smooth and comfy

    Just received my order and the skinny scrunchies feel very smooth and are comfortable. Previously, I used Slip scrunchies and these seem to be on par with them.

    19 Momme Silk Pillowcase
    Carissa Alberts (US)
    BEST Ever Pillow Case!!

    Where do I start?? I am in LOVE with this pillow case! It is sooo soft and I suffer from dust mite allergies and this helps my allergies so much. I don’t wake up as stuffy or with as much puffiness in my eyes. This pillow also keeps me cool during the night and I love that it’s good for my skin and hair! This is a purchase that I would do again in a heartbeat! Thank you Mulberry Park Silks for making quality!!.

    OUTLET Silk Crib Sheet
    Kielly Andrews (US)
    Additional point

    I do not know how to amend or edit a review but read the only 4 star review. I will say that I cannot relate to whether the sheets show spit-up. Unlike my first and especially second baby, little three has a gut of steel and rarely ever has even a dribble of spit up. *** What I can say is that she cries. I mean CRIES. Enormous alligator tears with gigantic salty tear drops that soak her clothes, my clothes, her sheets, etc. Little girl's salty tears will show up damp on contact, but after they dry, the sheet still looks impossibly clean. I'm not sure how any silk fabric is capable of that, but I do know that I see damp spots that seem to all but disappear.

    22 Momme Silk Sheet Sets
    Joi Skinner (US)

    After ordering a silk pillowcase a few months ago, I decided to dive into the world of silk bedding. I cannot be happier! I actually just ordered additional pillowcases for the guest room, a travel case and of course a pillow case for my Husband (he kept stealing my pillow!) Although I had ordered my first silk pillowcase from another company, when I decided to make the investment into silk sheets I did a lot of research. I found that Mulberry Silk was extremely knowledgeable and transparent with the information on their site. The Silk terms and background information was so helpful in my choice. We love these sheets! No more night sweating, weird pillow creases on my face, AND our skin has improved. We honestly cannot wait to get in bed every night! I cannot wait for our additional cases to arrive, any guest that has the opportunity to experience these silk pillowcases will be directed right to Mulberry Silks! Thank you!!

    My 14 year old granddaughter loved this backrest pillow!

    I did not know what to get my 14 year old granddaughter for her birthday. I spoke with Kendra and she gave me the best idea. She had the white pillow trimmed with lavender piping to match her room!. It is beautiful. Very high quality, comfortable and practical. My granddaughter uses is all the time, especially since teenagers spend so much time in their room!. Thank you Kendra for your great customer service and insight in to great gifts!


    This is the best pillow I have ever slept on..
    I have neck issues and I have bought over 60 different pillows over the last 10 years and None Of them helped. I took my mom to Houston to visit my baby brother who just had his first baby at 47! I know to much information! LoL
    We stayed at the corporate unit at his high rise and let me tell you THE PILLOWS THERE WERE AMAZING… of course I looked to see what brand they were!!! Bovi of course! I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER BRAND💞💞💞
    If you are looking to give the gift that anyone will LOVE, gift these pillows, they will LOVE YOU FOREVER!! 5 🌟

    Great Products!

    We thank Erika for sharing her time and sharing complimentary samples with us!
    The products are unique!!

    22 Momme Silk Pillowcase
    Deborah Phillips (US)
    BEST sleep and bed hair ever

    So soft, so easy on my hair, its not messy or frayed when I get up.

    Best product for hair and skin

    I heard silk pillowcases were good for hair and skin so I thought I would give them a try. I researched and began to realize Mulberry Park had the best silk products which is why they cost more than some other online options. I am not disappointed! My hair and face are not dry when I wake up anymore. I don't have indents on my skin in the morning like I used to from a wrinkled cotton pillowcase. I highly recommend these!

    Fine Mesh Laundry Bags


    Excellent Customer Service for Wonderful products

    Wonderful service, friendly customer service, lovely products. Very helpful.

    Beautiful napkins!

    I recently ordered some green napkins, and at dinner last night, mentioned to my husband that they were even nicer and an even better green than I'd expected, and he--a man not all that preoccupied with table linens!--burst out "these are fantastic! I love the weave, and the color, and the edging
    ..these are terrific napkins!" And you know, none of our other table linens are cheap: these are just really lovely napkins. (I spent most of the pandemic thinking about interesting table settings for the pod...thank you for your contribution!)

    30 Momme Silk Pillowcase
    Erica Cole (US)
    LOVE my silk pillowcase

    I love all of the products that I purchased. My favorite of all is my silk pillowcase. The best I’ve ever laid my head on. My skin is no longer breaking out and my hair is even more healthier now. I’m truly happy.

    Silk Head Scarf Bandana
    Ursula Friday (US)
    Beautiful silk scarf

    Love it. Looks very nice with a strand of pearls of very similar shade.

    Towel sample

    Best towels

    The Matouk Milagro towels are exceptional. I first bought my set 10 – 12 years ago; it was finally replacement time.

    FLandB offered color swatches and custom ordering. Others (Bloomies/NM) were selling only what they had in stock.

    Towels are still exceptional and FLandB was a good choice for vendor.

    Softest ponytail holder for sleep

    Daughter and friends loved getting these. THEY usually put their long hair on top of their head for sleep like Pebbles Flinstone!!
    They love how they keep their hair frizz free and they do not get split ends.
    They can also wear them any day too. SHE has extremely long thick hair and she LOVES this!

    Sferra napkins

    I love these napkins. They are beautifully made and wonderful quality. I have them in many colors. The customer service for FL and B is the best!

    19 Momme Silk Pillowcase
    sharon taylor (US)
    Sweet dreams!

    Love my pillow!

    Best towels

    Abyss towels are truly the best towels around - so soft and plush. They’re expensive, so it’s important to follow wash and dry instructions if you want them to last. The color metal is really unique - a sort of dark gray with aubergine undertones.
    Finally, FL&B’s customer service is as good as you’ll find.
    Thank you!

    22 Momme Silk Pillowcase
    Bonnie Brownfield (US)

    Bought this for my friend with triple negative breast cancer .
    She did tell me it is the most luxurious gift she has ever had.
    Will listen for follow up .
    This was recommended on a cancer site for positive effects .

    Pure Silk Travel Pillowcase
    Diana Collins (US)
    Simply heaven

    I travel a lot and generally take a full size pillow. Having recently bought a travel pillow, I just had to pair it with the a silk travel pillowcase. It's a dream to sleep on, much smaller to travel with and does the joy. Great to be able to take a piece of heaven with me.

    First Purchase But Probably Not the Last

    I ordered swatches and they arrived SO fast. Then, after I decided which coverlet I wanted I shopped around a bit and decided to buy from the company whose service had been so good. Come to find out they also had the best price (I found a coupon)! Finally, my coverlet arrived very promptly. I'm a very satisfied customer.