Silk Buyer's Guide

Here at Mulberry Park Silks, we believe that no fabric is so loved and prized as silk. Known for centuries as the "Queen of Fibers," mulberry silk is a fabric of timeless luxury and beauty with unique characteristics:

  • Silk is fantastic for your skin!
  • Silk warms you up in the winter and keeps you cool in the summer
  • Silk is strong and durable
  • Silk is soft, supple, and lustrous
  • Silk is naturally hypoallergenic

To us, silk will always remain our most loved natural fiber. For thousands of years, silk has brought us comfort and beauty – there is just no other fabric that can rival it.

Silk Gift Buyer's Guide

Are you shopping for a silk gift for someone special? You're in the right place! Click our interactive gift guide below to get started on finding the perfect silk gift for your loved one...or even yourself.


The mere mention of the words "100% pure silk bedding" connotes unparalleled luxury, comfort, and extravagance. And with good reason: silk is one of the world's most astounding natural materials. While silk is indeed a luxury fabric, it need not be cost prohibitive. At Mulberry Park Silks, we believe everyone should be able to indulge themselves in the luxury, beauty, and wellness of silk. From pure silk bed sheets and pillowcases to children's bedding and more, our 19 momme, 22 momme, and 30 momme silk products are made to be exquisite and affordable.


Nothing on earth compares to sleeping on our pure mulberry silk pillowcases. They're chic, comfortable, and the very definition of luxurious. Even better: they're great for your hair and skin. Wake up with fewer tangles, less frizz, and minimal bed head. Our friction-free silk even helps to prevent sleep wrinkles! Our pillowcases are made from 100% Pure Grade 6A Silk and OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certified to be free from toxins and chemicals. They're naturally dyed with no color shading or fading for the ultimate in beauty and performance.

Children's Bedding

Tuck your precious little one in for a dreamy night's slumber with our 100% silk children's collection. Smooth, soft, and hypoallergenic, our pure silk fabric is ideal for delicate baby and toddler hair and skin. Our baby and children's sheets are lightweight, breathable, and OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certified to be free from harmful chemicals, toxins, and harsh dyes.