Not Sure Which Silk to Choose?

Shop our Buyer's Guide to find your perfect silk!

Not Sure Which Silk to Choose?

Shop our Buyer's Guide to find your perfect silk!

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The Best Luxury Silk Pillowcases, Silk Bed Sheets, and Silk Accessories

When buying silk sheets it is important to make sure that everything fits your bed and mattress just right. Choosing the correct pocket depth for your mattress is easy when you follow these simple steps.

This Last Minute Gift Guide from Mulberry Park Silks will help you wrap up your holiday shopping with elegant and luxurious silk presents for everyone on your list. Mother and mother-in-law? TikTok-obsessed niece? Artsy bestie? We’ve got ideas that are sure to delight them all, including some indulgent products to treat yourself this season. Silk is a luxurious and memorable gift that delivers comfort, wellness, and beauty for the holidays and all year long.


In this blog we explain how our Mulberry Park Silks head scarf as a game-changer for curly hair care. Dive into the world of curl confidence, where these scarves become an essential tool for controlling frizz, reducing breakage, and preserving the health and beauty of natural curls.
The blog explores the importance of quality sleep and how Mulberry Park Silks' Silk Sleeping Mask can enhance the sleep experience and promote healthy skin. The article highlights the benefits of our silk sleep mask, including its ability to block light, minimize wrinkles, and hydrate the skin.

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