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    The Best Luxury Silk Pillowcases, Silk Bedding, and Silk Accessories

    If you havefine or thin hair, you need to take special care of your tresses. You spend nearly a third of your time in bed, with your hair in direct contact with the fabric of your pillowcase. When it comes to fine or thin hair, not all pillowcases are created equal. In fact, some pillowcases actually cause frizz, damage, drying and breakage.

    Caring for her 98 year-old father, Kay believes that sleeping on silk sheets have greatly improved her father’s skin, mobility, and overall health. "What I like about the silk is it’s smooth but not slippery,” she adds. Kay also reports that silk sheets help her father sleep more comfortably.

    Can a silk pillowcase go for people with acne or sensitive skin? Read on to learn why a natural silk pillowcase from Mulberry Park should be a part of your skincare routine. You spend nearly a third of your time asleep, with your face in direct contact with a pillowcase. Your pillowcase fabric can have a big impact on your skin's health.

    When it comes to picking your perfect silk pillowcase choosing the size and momme weight are most important but another important factor your silk pillowcase closure. There are few popular silk pillowcase closure styles each having their own pros and cons. Let's take a closure look at silk pillowcase closures.

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