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    Now Offering 19, 22, & 30 momme Sheet Sets

    The mere mention of the words “100 percent silk bedding” brings to mind images of unparalleled luxury, comfort, and extravagance. This is with good reason: Pure silk is one of the world’s most amazing natural materials. While most people think of silk bedding and real silk accessories as cost-prohibitive, Mulberry Park Silks is all about giving everyone the chance to indulge themselves with this extraordinary fabric. From real silk bed sheets to pillowcases and children’s
    bedding, our 19 momme, 22 momme, and 30 momme silk products are exquisite yet affordable.

    Natural silk has a radiant and recognizable sheen to it that’s guaranteed to make a gorgeous addition to any bedroom, guest room, or children’s room. However, the benefits of this ancient fabric go far beyond its attractive appearance. First, there’s its unique ability to support a good night’s sleep. This exquisitely light, soft material breathes beautifully, thereby preventing heat from becoming trapped under the covers. This venting helps keep you cool yet cozy in all temperatures. Silk is also incredibly gentle on the skin and hair, making a silk pillowcase from Mulberry Park Silks an excellent health, beauty, and wellness investment. We can think of no better way to soothe and restore your body and soul than with a peaceful night between Mulberry Park Silks sheets.