Silk Gift Set

    Silk Head Scarf

    Silk Scrunchies

    Silk Glam Band

    Silk Eye Pillow

    Silk Sleep Mask

    Silk Robe

    Bedding Essentials

    For the ultimate night’s sleep, surround yourself in the luxury of pure silk sheets and bedding from Mulberry Park Silks. And be sure to remember the essentials: feathery soft duvet inserts that transform your bed into an oasis of opulence and well-being. Hand selected by our design team, these comforters are the highest quality on earth. All are crafted from the finest materials - both down and eco-friendly down alternatives - and finished with exquisite detail to ensure the durability, comfort, and performance you expect from Mulberry Park Silks bed linens.

    We also offer comfortable, allergy-resistant pillow inserts for our silk travel and toddler pillowcases. The plush 8oz. fill is perfect for travel and easy to pack - perfect for travel by plane, train, and car. Out 5oz fill toddler pillow inserts are just the right thickness for tiny necks, while just plush enough to comfort your little one’s head.