How to Fight Wrinkles While You Sleep

This article discusses how to fight wrinkles while you sleep, with a special focus on sleeping on a silk pillowcase and using a silk sleep mask.


Can You Fight Wrinkles Overnight? 

If you’ve ever wondered whether it’s really possible to fight skin wrinkles while you sleep, the answer is a resounding, “Yes!” Of course, we’re not physicians or skin care experts, but the team here at Mulberry Park Silks definitely knows a thing or two about how to fight wrinkles (after all, preventing wrinkles is one of the biggest benefits to sleeping on silk pillowcases). 

Read on to learn a few tweaks to your overnight routine (based on our personal experience) that can help you catch some much-needed Zzzz’s while waking with radiant skin and fewer wrinkles.

Get a good night’s sleep

    1. This is easy to say, and sometimes hard to do. But (along with many other health benefits) getting an adequate amount of good quality rest can definitely improve the look and feel of your skin while staving off wrinkles. Remember: your skin is the largest organ in the body. And just like the rest of your body, your skin needs sleep to renew and regenerate and repair skin cells. Set yourself up for 7-9 hours by establishing a regular bed time; avoiding alcohol; sleeping in a cool, dark environment; and shutting off screens at least an hour before sleep. You should also set up a comfortable bed that is conducive to deep rest; read here about how silk sheets can help fight insomnia and promote better sleep.

Drink Lots of Water

    1. Drinking lots of water throughout the day is a habit that pays off for your skin. Proper hydration promotes skin elasticity and plumpness, which helps with collagen production reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles. You can also hydrate your face with a hydrating serum or facial mist into your bedtime skincare routine.


    1.  Moisturizing before bed is a game-changer for preventing wrinkles and should be part of your skin care routine. Choose a rich, nourishing night cream for your skin type or a moisturizer specifically formulated to target aging concerns. Look for ingredients like hyaluronic acid, retinol, or peptides, as they help to firm the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines while you sleep. Pick a non-greasy moisturizer or eye cream and allow the product to soak into your skin before hitting the sheets to avoid staining.

Sleep on a Silk Pillowcase

  1.  Your regular cotton pillowcase is doing you NO favors when it comes to wrinkle prevention. Cotton is naturally absorbent, and actually pulls moisture away from your skin; along with that, the tiny woven fibers in a cotton pillowcase pull and tug at delicate facial skin, leaving you with sleep creases that can turn into deep wrinkles. It’s time to switch to silk!
 The surface of a silk pillowcase from Mulberry Park Silks is smooth and nearly friction-free; your face will glide across it with no pulling and tugging. Also, silk fiber is protein-based (just like your skin and hair) and will keep your skin naturally hydrated to prevent dry skin. Bonus: silk is hypoallergenic, resistant to mold and mites, and non-irritating to even the most delicate skin (that’s why silk bedding is regularly recommended by dermatologists for anyone with sensitive skin). Don’t settle for anything less than genuine, high-quality silk; our silk pillowcases are 100% pure mulberry silk of the highest grade (6A) and come in a range of momme weights and a variety of colors. Read here to learn about the difference between genuine silk and artificial satin.

Wear a Silk Sleep Mask

  1.  There’s definitely an ooh-la-la glamor to sleeping with our luxurious silk sleep mask, but it’s also very practical. Our pure mulberry silk sleep masks are light-blocking and comfortable to help you fall—and stay—asleep. The silk is also gentle and very hydrating to the delicate skin around your eye area to prevent eye wrinkles A win for sweet dreams and beauty sleep!

Of course, preventing premature aging and promoting healthy skin is a round-the-clock job. You can’t fight the aging process, but you can make sure to make sure to support skin health by minimizing sun exposure; wearing sunglasses to protect against the damage from UV rays; and of course, wearing sunscreen to prevent wrinkles, avoid premature skin aging, and protect from the damage that leads to skin cancer. 

Consistency is Key

As with any routine, consistency is key. Regularly following these simple, yet effective tips, can help you transform the overnight hours into wrinkle-fighting beauty sleep. Of course, this blog is for informational purposes and is not meant to replace professional advice, so definitely consult your dermatologist or skin care specialist for specific recommendations or any skin concern.

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