100% Real Silk Accessories

While Mulberry Park Silks is known for our extraordinary silk bedding – including silk pillowcases, sheet sets, duvet covers, and more – we also offer an extensive inventory of 100 percent real silk accessories that incorporate everything you love about this natural material into other everyday items. Whether you’re looking for fashionable hair accessories like silk headscarves and silk scrunchies or the world’s most comfortable silk eye masks and silk face masks, exquisite experiences await with OEKO-TEX certified products from Mulberry Park Silks.

Our 100 percent pure mulberry silk fabric has luxurious skin and hair benefits, making it a perfect fit for scarves, scrunchies, and masks. Besides helping keep skin and hair moisturized, silk’s soft, smooth texture also means less friction and cleaner, clearer, more youthful-looking skin. Banish bedhead and “sleep wrinkles” while adding an element of style to your wardrobe or sleep routine with real silk accessories from Mulberry Park Silks.