Find Your Silk Pillowcase

Nothing on earth compares to sleeping on our pure mulberry silk pillowcases. They're chic, comfortable, and the very definition of luxurious. Even better: they're great for your hair and skin. Wake up with fewer tangles, less frizz, and minimal bed head. Our friction-free silk even helps to prevent sleep wrinkles!

Not Sure Which Pillowcase is Best for You?

What Momme Weight Silk Pillowcase Is Right for You?

At Mulberry Park Silks, our pillowcases come in three momme weights, ranging from 19 to 30 momme (mm), a unit of measurement that denotes the weight of silk. As momme increases, silk is heavier, denser in weave, and more costly. In this way, momme silk is similar to thread count for cotton sheets.

Learning a bit about the different momme silk weights can help you identify the silk pillowcase that works best for your personal preferences and budget.