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    Limited Edition Collab with Elyssa Helfman

    A Limited-Edition Printed Silk Pillowcase Series Designed by Nature and Wildlife Artist Elyssa Helfman

    Mulberry Park Silks has produced its first capsule collection in partnership with wildlife artist and painter, Elyssa Helfman.

    When your silk pillowcases are works of art in their own right, it takes something truly special to make them even more beautiful. That's why Mulberry Park Silks is proud to introduce The Gallery Collection, limited-edition silk pillowcases featuring the art of Elyssa Helfman, a nature and wildlife painter based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

    Presenting The Gallery Collection

    This capsule collection includes three stunning styles printed on our signature 22 momme Ivory silk pillowcases which features a hidden zipper closure to keep your pillowcase secure.

    Peacock-Inspired Silk Pillowcase

    Peacock Feather Silk Pillowcase

    Dream the night away among the majesty and mystery of bold blue and green peacock feathers, each one as unique as a fingerprint.

    Orchid-Inspired Silk Pillowcase

    Pink Orchid Silk Pillowcase

    A spray of orchids grace this pillowcase with delicate, painterly detail done in shades of rose and pink made to soothe your body and mind.

    Palm-Inspired Silk Pillowcase

    Tropical Palm Silk Pillowcase

    Rest easy on the soothing fronds of palm trees, basking in the depth and dimension of their variegated leaves.

    The Gallery Collection will be a limited production run, available to purchase through the Mulberry Park Silks website. Quantities are limited. And for those of you who swear by the health, beauty, and wellness benefits of sleeping on silk: rest assured that you will derive the same wonderful night of beauty sleep on our printed silk pillowcases as you've come to enjoy from our regular collections.

    An Inspired Partnership

    The Gallery Collection represents Mulberry Park Silks' first foray into any type of print or pattern. As a leading online retailer of luxury silk bedding, the company wanted its first print collection to be truly special -- and it is.

    "Elyssa's art really spoke to our design team," said Mulberry Park Silks CEO Tom Ceconi. "The bold colors, vibrant detail, and playful textures of her paintings are an inspiration." Mr. Ceconi adds that, as a result of working with Ms. Helfman on this collection, the company expanded its selection by adding new solid color pillowcases to coordinate with the prints -- including sapphire, aqua, rosewood, and daffodil -- for greater design flexibility.

    "We are also beyond thrilled to be working with an American artist on this project," Mr. Ceconi added. "So much of the design and manufacturing in the luxury linen business takes place in Europe and Asia. Mulberry Park Silks is proudly based in the United States, with our headquarters, offices, and warehouse all located in Connecticut. We were committed to showcasing the work of a "local" artist and we could not be happier with the results."

    Elyssa is also excited about the partnership, "Having the opportunity to work with Mulberry Park Silks has been a real honor. With their attention to detail, commitment to the highest quality silks, and true understanding of a luxury experience, I knew I could be proud of our collaboration. It made them the perfect brand to partner with. I'm excited for their customers to love the next level of beauty sleep," she said.

    Caring for Your Printed Silk Pillowcases

    The Mulberry Park Silks Gallery Collection is digitally printed from Elyssa' original artwork on our signature 22 momme silk pillowcases. These are made from 100 percent pure mulberry silk, and can be washed either by hand or in a machine on a delicate/silk cycle. Use a pH-neutral, enzyme-free detergent specially formulated to clean and protect natural fibers; we recommend Heritage Park Silk and Wool Laundry Detergent, available in fragrance free and Lavender Mist varieties. Always wash silk pillowcases inside out and, if using a washing machine, in a fine mesh laundry bag. Hang to dry out of direct sunlight, indoors or outside. 

    To learn more about choosing the right detergent for silk pillowcases and bedding, click here. You can also read detailed instructions on caring for silk pillowcases and bedding here.

    About Elyssa Helfman

    Elyssa Helfman is a Florida-based artist dedicated to honoring beautiful creatures with vivid colors, playful textures, and a memorable impact. She intertwines high pigment acrylics, hand-painted acid-free papers, and intentionally partial portraits to create intriguing and powerful depictions with a special focus on endangered species. Ms. Helfman holds a BFA in Graphic Design from the University of Florida where she graduated with honors. She has a loyal following on her Etsy shop, on social media where she frequently hosts live classes and sessions, and in the art gallery and museum community in South Florida. Elyssa's paintings have been featured in notable exhibitions like Scope at Miami Art Basel and Art4Apes and her work has been sold internationally.

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