9 Essential Items for a Killer Beard

The popularity of Mulberry silk pillowcases among men continues to rise, as they discover its benefits for enhancing the appearance of their beards. Men are starting to realize that silk can do wonders for their beard game! And, get this - some ladies have even had to buy new ones for themselves because their husbands were constantly swiping theirs. If you’re looking to take your beard to the next level, Mulberry Park Silks has got your back. We’ve compiled a super helpful list of all the must-have items for seriously impressive beards.


 Bearded Man with Tattoos

Whatever you do DO NOT use bar body soap or regular hair shampoo on your beard!


Beard Wash Bottle


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According to the trusted beardies out there regular bar soap and even head shampoo are a no go for your precious beard locks. Why? They dry out the skin on your face which more than often causes that dreaded beard itch. A specially formulated beard wash on the other hand will do the opposite: it cleanses the hair and skin without stripping away the moisture. Another thing to keep in mind is there are two types of beard wash: daily beard wash and stripping wash. According to Dan C Bearded stripping wash should only be used once a week whereas the daily wash can be used like the name says daily. A great daily wash that we found on Amazon is Live Bearded Straight Up Unscented Beard Wash. Live Bearded was founded in 2016 by two friends whose mission is to “help beardsmen look, feel, and be their best!” To learn more about Live Bearded visit their website . A highly recommended stripping wash comes from a company called Bada** Beard Care. Their Beard Wash is specially formulated with tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, aloe vera juice, and rosemary oil for beard hair and the skin underneath! To learn more about Bada** Beard Care visit their website

A necessity for every beard no matter length


Beard Octane Beard Oil Collab with Dan C. Beard


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Beard oil will soften and condition your beard. However, the bigger benefit is for the skin underneath. It keeps the skin underneath happy and healthy by helping with these common ailments: itchiness,dryness,acne and ingrown hairs. A popular beard oil company is Beard Octane. Beard Octane is a CT based company created in 2017. They are family owned and operated with a mission to provide handcrafted beard care products, using only the highest quality ingredients available. A very popular beard oil blend from Beard Octane is the Ginger Jamboree (which is their collaboration with Dan C Bearded). To learn more about Beard Octane visit their website


The Secret Women Already Know


Male Model Hugs Silk Pillowcase


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In his review of Mulberry Park Silks, Dan C. Bearded, a bearded YouTube personality, shared that the 22 momme silk pillowcasewas his top pick. He cited how the pillowcase's low friction helps maintain the smoothness and manageability of his beard. (Especially vital for side-sleepers and those who move around a lot while sleeping) We concur! Men are finally discovering the secret that women have been privy to for ages and we are here for it!

Unleash Your Inner Grooming Guru

Brushes and combs are a must in styling and beard care. Combs help distribute your oils and butters evenly through your beard. While brushes are more for the finishing touches when styling. Below are some highly recommended types of combs and brushes. 

A Boar's Hair Bristle Brush


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A Boar's Bristle Brush is perfect for styling as it is the only bristle that will not tear, spilt, or fracture your beard follicles. Some other added benefits is that because the bristles are so sturdy they will massage your skin, encourage blood flow and distribute the vital nutrients for hair growth.

Oxhorn combs

An OxHorn Beard Comb


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Oxhorn combs are strong and durable while still gliding through your beard. Many beardies say that their oxhorn comb is their all purpose comb for combing, styling, and touch ups. If you can only invest in one comb this one by Bada** Beard Care Ox Horn Comb is the one for you. 

Carbon fiber combs


A Chicago Beard Comb


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Carbon Fiber Combs are great when it comes to beard care due to the natural anti-static properties of carbon fiber. Carbon fiber combs are also heat and chemical resistant which make them extremely durable. Chicago Combs is a very popular carbon fiber comb company among the beard community. They offer many different comb options suited for everyone and all beard types. Their different models can be used with different beard lengths, thickness, and styling needs. 

A Little Bit Of Everything


Beard Butter by Bahawat


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Beard butter is mainly for those who have a little bit of length to their beard. Beard butter is a happy medium between beard oil (which is the most nourishing) and beard balms which are made for styling. Beard butter is a deep-conditioning treatment that is packed full of nutrients. It also provides a very light hold when it comes to styling. A company that comes highly recommended is Bahawat Grooming. Their beard butter is powered by black seed oil. To learn more about Bahawat Grooming visit their website

An All-in-One Kit

Beard Octane's Beard Starter-Kit

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If you are looking for and all in one starter kit we highly recommend the Beard Octane starter kit. The kit comes with beard oils, a beard butter, balm, lather conditioning wash, a conditioner, and an XL beard brush for styling. This comprehensive beard care kit will elevate your beard game, and, provides all the essentials you need to start your beard journey. 


Some Other Helpful Tools

While the below tools are not necessary for a healthy beard. These are some of the most popular tools used in the beard community.

A Beard Straightener



Puzzled by the immaculate appearance of some men's beards? It's due to their use of a beard straightener, a styling tool used to tame and straighten beard hair. With the help of a beard straightener, you can elevate the look of your beard, giving it a tidy, sophisticated appearance and ensuring that it looks well-groomed. Additionally, it can effectively tame wild hairs and reduce frizziness. Beardies love the heated comb by Abrlite for its ease of use and different temperature settings. You can also achieve this same thing with a regular hair dryer as well. Check out Dan C Bearded video on how to style your beard with a blowdryer

Beard Trimmers


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For those beardies that like to keep a smaller well groomed beard, these two beard trimmers come highly recommended. A budget friendly beard trimmer from brio is an excellent addition to your collection of beard tools. If you want the best beard trimmer on the market we recommend the BaBylissPRO LoPROFX Collection


As always we recommend checking out Dan C Beared on youtube. A lot of the research for this blog came from his channel. He truly is the “Trusted Teacher for all things beard related”. Dan is an awesome leader in the beard community and always says to his followers that he is available to help them with their beards and life in general via Instagram. He ends every video and live stream with “Stay Bearded and Stay Positive”. Dan truly cares about his community and family as well as encouraging others to find the positive aspects in life.


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