For a Better Memory, Use a Silk Sleep Mask

Mulberry Park Silks puts a premium transparency and trustworthy information. This article takes a closer look at recent independent studies that promote the benefits of wearing a sleep mask for improved memory, cognition and alertness.

Sleep Masks: Benefits Beyond Beauty

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We’ve known all along that our silk sleep masks can boost beauty and wellness by hydrating skin, preventing fine lines, and fostering better sleep. But new research reveals that wearing eye masks can provide important cognitive benefits as well, including improving memory and alertness.

Better Sleep=Better Cognition

A recent article in the Washington Post explored a study that linked wearing a sleep mask to improved “episodic learning and alertness.” The researchers identified nighttime ambient light as a source of poor sleep quality and disrupted circadian rhythm. Healthy individuals were used as test subjects and asked to wear a sleep mask for a two-week period. For the final two days of each week, they were evaluated on memory-based learning and sleep cycles. The results were encouraging:

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  • Sleep mask wearers performed better on tests of memory and attention
  • Sleep mask wearers were found to spend more time in “slow wave sleep” which is a sleep stage that supports the brain’s memory function.

So what’s the takeaway? Wearing a light-blocking sleep mask promotes better memory function. Of course, the memory boost is in addition to all the other health and safety benefits to getting a good night’s sleep, including reducing stress; improving mood; minimizing the risk and accidents and drowsy driving; helping prevent obesity and cardiovascular disease; and more.

Mulberry Park Silks Eye Mask: Designed to Block Light

To derive the health benefits from a sleep mask, the mask must do one critical job: block ambient light. The Mulberry Park Silks sleep mask was created to do just that.

“We intentionally designed our silk sleep mask with oversized dimensions to entirely cover the eye area for a full blackout experience,” said Mulberry Park Silks Brand Manager, Kendra Cosenza. “The silk sleep mask offers maximum comfort, with a gentle, elastic strap that holds the mask securely in place without feeling tight.”

The lightweight mask is perfect for home and travel. It’s great for naps in the car or catching up on beauty sleep and fighting puffy eyes while traveling by train or plane.

More Great Reasons to Choose a Mulberry Park Silks Eye Mask

Not all sleep masks are created equal. A cotton or synthetic blend mask may trap moisture and irritate delicate skin. Silk is a much better choice for your face. As with all of our silk products, our silk sleep mask is made of the highest-grade mulberry silk in the marketplace (6A) in momme weights of 22 or 30 for a lustrous look and feel while delivering important health and beauty benefits:

  • 100% silk in a smooth charmeuse weave feels soft, and gentle against the skin.
  • Protein-based silk helps delicate skin around eyes retain natural hydration.
  • Friction-free silk prevents sleep creases and stops fine line formation that leads to wrinkles.
  • Silk is breathable and wicks away moisture.
  •  Pure, genuine silk is hypoallergenic and resists mold and dust mites.
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