Sunburn Survival Guide: 5 Mess-Free Remedies to Soothe Your Skin!

So you've ended up with a sunburn. We understand that despite your knowledge of sunscreen and possibly even applying it, those UV rays can really take a toll on our skin.

We won't bore you with warnings of skin damage, skin cancer, or premature aging. No judgment here. Right now, you're just looking for immediate sunburn relief. While we all know aloe is the go-to remedy, slathering your body in goopy aloe-vera gel and hopping into bed is far from ideal. Sticky sheets and peeling skin don't make for a fun experience. But don't worry, we've got you covered!

Woman With a Sunburn

We've compiled a list of mess-free sunburn solutions, all conveniently available on Amazon and/or Mulberry Park Silks. With fast shipping options, you can have them at your doorstep in no time, providing you with the much-needed relief, especially at bedtime.

Easy, Effective, and Keeps Your Sheets Neat

  1. Terma Burn Aloe Wrap -
    Model wearing terma sunburn wrap on her arm whiel wearinga  black bikini
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Say goodbye to the days of ruining your sheets with this easy-to-use Terma Burn Aloe Wrap. This innovative product contains aloe and other skin-soothing ingredients. For maximum effectiveness, refrigerate it before use, as recommended by positive reviews. Thanks to its clever design, this long strip won't stick to your skin, causing additional friction, and it won't rub off onto your sheets. Made with 100% PURE Organic Aloe and free from parabens and phthalates, this product is fantastic for providing relief. Plus, it's proudly made in the USA.


Cool Comfort for Sunburned Skin

    1. Mulberry Park Silks 22 Momme Silk Sheet Set
Model in Mulberry park Silks Plum Sheet Set
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Experience the ultimate comfort of lying down on 22 Momme Silk Sheets from Mulberry Park Silks. Crafted from premium mulberry silk, these sheets are naturally temperature-regulating, breathable, and luxuriously soft. Imagine the relief they can provide to your sunburned skin. Treat yourself to the gentle touch of silk and turn your bedtime into a soothing and rejuvenating experience.


Refreshing Relief for Your Sunburn

  1.  Portable Misting FanPortable Misting Fan in purple
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We understand that it feels like your sunburn will never go away, but trust us, it will. In the meantime, cool down your skin with a simple and portable misting fan. This handy device provides instant relief when your skin feels like it's on fire. Pro tip: Fill the fan with extra cool water to take the sting out of your sunburn and enjoy a refreshing mist that soothes your skin.

Indulge in Silk Bliss, Embrace Relief for Your Sunburned Skin

4. Pure Mulberry Silk Robe

Blonde woman on bed wearing black silk robe.

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Even if you're not currently experiencing a sunburn, we all know the discomfort of putting clothing over irritated, beet-red skin. But what if there was a solution that could replace that dreadful feeling with luxurious comfort? Introducing our pure Mulberry Silk Robe, made from the same 22 Momme silk as our renowned sheets. This robe offers a light, smooth, and completely silky feel, providing gentle relief to your sensitive skin. Wrap yourself in pure bliss and let the healing begin.


Fast-Track Your Recovery, Bid Farewell to Peeling Woes

5.Solar Recovery Spray

Solar recovery Sunburn Spray

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This miraculous Solar Recover Spray is a game-changer for sunburn relief. Say goodbye to stained sheets, as this spray quickly absorbs into your skin, offering more than just pain relief. It actively helps expedite the transition from burn to tan, ensuring you skip that dreaded peeling phase.

But don't just take our word for it! One thrilled buyer shared their experience, exclaiming, "If you have a tendency to burn, even with sunscreen on, like me and my fair complexion, you NEED this product. I've been swearing by it for years. I burn easily, and without treatment, my burns can last for weeks, accompanied by horrible peeling and a lingering pinkish hue. Now, whenever I get a sunburn (which happens more often than not), I spray this twice daily - once after showering and once before bedtime. It provides a cool, refreshing sensation with the natural scent of essential oils, fading my sunburn into a pinkish tan rapidly while minimizing peeling." Embrace this spray and accelerate your healing journey.

Sunburn Relief in a Pillowcase

6. 22 Momme Silk Pillowcase

Mulberry Park silks Pillowcase

Perhaps you're not quite ready to invest in a full silk sheet set, or perhaps your sunburn is mostly concentrated on your face. Either way, a 22 momme silk pillowcase can be a blissful remedy for a tender and sunburned face. It offers the perfect relief and helps prevent the discomfort that other fabrics may cause for sensitive skin.


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Mulberry Park: Accessible and Affordable Luxury Silk

We founded Mulberry Park with one simple mission: to design the highest quality silk items in the market and offer them at an affordable price. And we've done just that, with a full range of silk products made from 100% pure mulberry long strand silk fabric. The silk fabric used for our silk sheets and silk pillowcases has also been OEKO-TEX® Certified (Standard 100) to be free of chemicals.

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