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    Mulberry Park Silks featured on Live with Kelly and Ryan

    Mulberry Park Silks’ 22 momme silk pillowcases, eye masks and sheet sets were highlighted on Live with Kelly and Ryan during the segment, Back to Back Bargains with Monica Mangin.

    In today's installment of the popular segment, Mangin underscored the cosmetic and health benefits of sleeping on silk, which is advantageous for both hair and skin.

    The Mulberry Park Silks team was thrilled to receive Kelly Ripa's glowing comments regarding silk and the opulent feel of our offerings:

    "A silk pillowcase is the most important thing you can start with because it preserves your hair, it's anti-wrinkle, it keeps you cool, it doesn't make you cold. It's like everything- it's perfect. It feels so luxurious." 

    Along with being hypoallergenic, breathable, and resistant to mold and mites, all Mulberry Park Silks items are OEKO-TEX ® STANDARD 100 certified as being independently tested for a variety of harmful substances including toxins and irritants. All Mulberry Park Silks sheets, pillowcases, and accessories are made entirely with 100 percent pure mulberry silk, Grade 6A, the finest silk on the market.

    “When we founded Mulberry Park Silks, our goal was to design and produce the highest-quality silk items and offer them at affordable prices,” says Erika Cellupica, Mulberry Park Silks Brand Manager, “We’re grateful for the opportunity to showcase our brand on a national level with Back to Back Bargains. We are grateful to the wonderful staff at Kelly and Ryan for this amazing opportunity.”

    The full collection of Mulberry Park Silks bedding and accessories are available on Amazon and on the website at.

    Mulberry Park Silks is a division of Fine Linen and Bath, an online luxury linen retailer located in Branford, CT. Mulberry Park Silks offers a complete line of silk products including silk pillowcases, 22 momme deluxe bedding, children’s bedding, and a line of silk accessories including glam bands, sleep masks, travel pillows and hair scrunchies. All fabric used for MPS products is 100% pure mulberry Grade 6A long-strand silk and has been certified OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100.

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