Mulberry Park Silks Pillowcase Featured in Harper's Bazaar "11 Silk Pillowcases For Your Best Beauty Rest Yet"

January 14, 2024

Mulberry Park Silks is thrilled to announce that our Peacock Feathers SilkPillowcase has been prominently featured in Harper's Bazaar's latest article, "11 Silk Pillowcases For Your Best Beauty Rest Yet," This feature is a testament to the unmatched quality and artistic design of our silk pillowcases, highlighting their integral role in enhancing beauty sleep.

Gallery Collection Peacock Pillowcase

"We are ecstatic about being included in Harper's Bazaar's selection of top silk pillowcases. The peacock-themed pillowcase is not just a pillowcase; it's a statement piece that brings vibrancy and elegance to any bedroom. Beyond its aesthetic allure, it's important to emphasize the abundant skin and hair benefits offered by this pure Mulberry silk pillowcase," says Kendra Cosenza, Brand Manager at Mulberry Park Silks.

Alongside the Peacock Feathers Pillowcase, our Gallery Collection features two other stunning styles:

  1. The Orchid Pillowcase: A tranquil spray of orchids in delicate watercolor shades of rose and pink graces this pillowcase. Designed to soothe the body, mind, and spirit, this pattern is a testament to beauty, grace, and femininity. Our limited-edition pink orchid pillowcases, exclusive to Mulberry Park Silks, provide not only an aesthetic upgrade to your bedroom but also the full spectrum of silk's beauty and hair care benefits.

  2. The Tropical Palm Pillowcase: Rest easy with the soothing fronds of palm trees, captured in the depth, color, and dimension of Monstera, Fern, and Banana palm leaves. This 100% Mulberry silk pillowcase, featuring artwork by Alyssa Helfman, evokes a beach vibe and is part of our limited-edition tropical collection. Let your mind wander to ocean breezes and sun-kissed sands as you rest on this beautifully crafted pillowcase.

All of our pillowcases in the Gallery Collection, including the Peacock Feathers, Orchid, and Tropical Palm designs, are made from high-grade 22 momme silk, ensuring luxury, style, and functionality. The soft, smooth texture reduces friction for healthier hair and skin, promoting beauty sleep in true artistic fashion.

Model with peacock Pillowcase

Part of our exclusive Gallery Collection, this pillowcase is adorned with a mesmerizing peacock pattern, symbolizing renewal, regality, and esteem. Crafted from premium 22 momme silk, it represents the pinnacle of luxury and style, adding a sophisticated flair to bedroom decor.

Silk's inherent qualities are celebrated for their beauty-enhancing benefits, including smoother hair and clearer skin. The soft, slick texture of Mulberry Park Silks' pillowcase minimizes friction, thereby preventing hair breakage and preserving the skin's natural moisture. Our commitment to using only the finest silk ensures that each pillowcase is not only a visually stunning piece but also a vital element of any beauty routine.

We invite our customers to discover the fusion of art and luxury with our Peacock Feathers Silk Pillowcase, an essential addition to any beauty regimen. Being featured in Harper's Bazaar underscores our dedication to delivering silk products that are a perfect amalgamation of functionality, beauty, and artistic excellence.

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