Real Simple Recognizes Mulberry Park Silks as Top Choice for Lightweight Silk Sheet Set

Branford, CT – April 13, 2023


Mulberry Park Silks is thrilled to announce our inclusion in Real Simple's list of "The 6 Best Silk & Satin Sheets of 2023." Our 22 Momme silk bed sheets earned the title of Best Lightweight Silk Sheets, gaining praise for our range of pocket depths that can even accommodate thick mattresses, our exceptional stitching, and our immaculate appearance.


Model on silk sheet

In the article, Real Simple writer Nor'adila Hepburn highlights the various reasons one might choose to indulge in pure silk sheets or silk bedding . She notes that genuine mulberry silk sheets come with a significant price tag but offers a unique combination of smoothness, comfort, hypoallergenic properties, and temperature regulation. The article goes on to detail the testing process used to evaluate the silk and satin sheet sets. In order to determine the best silk and satin sheets, Real Simple testers evaluated 12 sets in their laboratory. They began by examining the quality of the sheets straight from the packaging, checking for flaws such as loose threads and discoloration. Additionally, they verified the tags for fiber content, momme (for silk sets), and thread count (for satin sets).

The testers then made a bed using the fitted sheet, flat sheet, and pillowcases to assess how well they fit their mattress. They even lay under the top sheet to gauge the fabric's texture against their skin. To appraise how the silk and satin sheets would perform for restless sleepers, the testers tossed and turned in bed several times, observing whether the sheets shifted or came undone during sleep. They also evaluated the breathability for a hot sleeper by noting whether the fabric felt cool to the touch or warmed up over time. The moisture-wicking capabilities of each product were tested by observing how quickly a drop of water expanded on the fabric.

For durability tests, the testers preformed a stain test to assess each set's stain resistance by pouring coffee, oil, and foundation on the fabric. After pre-treating and washing the stained sheets, they observed how effectively the stains were removed and whether any traces remained. Interestingly, satin sheets outperformed silk sheets in the stain tests. The sheets were also subjected to abrasion by rubbing a small area with steel wool 25 times to examine their durability.

Hepburn's description of our sheet sets makes note of both our softness and , "There wasn't a single imperfection, and the stitching appeared to be very well done. And because it's made from grade 6A silk fibers, we found this sheet set to be incredibly soft."

Erika Cellupica, Mulberry Park Silk Brand Manager, expressed her excitement about the recognition, saying, "We are elated to be featured in Real Simple and are proud that our 22 Momme sheets stand out as a lightweight option. We noticed that many of our customers were Amazon Prime members and wanted them to have the option to receive their orders even more quickly, which is why we are delighted to be an Amazon favorite."

Real Simple,established in 2000, is published by DotDash Media and aims to make life simpler and stress-free. The publication reaches over 10 million digital users and 6.2 million magazine readers each month.

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