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    Based on 1382 reviews
    I sleep so much better now

    Several months ago, I had bought a couple of silk pillowcases from another company. I fell in love with them because they were so comfortable. Fast forward to a month ago, and I decided I wanted silk sheets, too. Since the other company only sells pillowcases, I checked out Mulberry Park. I ordered swatches and then sheets.

    I cannot begin to explain how much the sheets have changed my sleep. They are so soft and comfortable! I sleep through the night with no overheating. And I bought a second set to make sure I have a backup.

    Expensive? Yes.

    Worth it? Every penny.

    Love it!

    I absolutely love this silk pillow! I was skeptical at first, but when I saw fewer strands of hair on it compared to my cotton pillowcases, I was shocked! I HIGHLY recommend this to everyone suffering from hair loss and acne. And the texture of the pillowcase is so soft! I'm never going back!

    Heritage Park Fragrance Free Silk and Wool Laundry Detergent

    This Laundry Detergent is the Most Awesome Detergent ever Used. Absolutely Grateful for a Great Chemical Free Detergent, Without any Residue. Leaves my Silk Sheets so Soft and Comfy. Love It.

    Complimentary Silk Fabric Swatch
    Leslie (Oak Park, IL) (US)
    Swatches very helpful!

    Customer service people on phone were friendly and helpful. Received the free swatches quickly. I felt confident ordering because the swatches were large enough to feel thickness of material and to see actual colors. The packet was very informative with each fabric color, there was which weight it was available, like 19, 22, 30. Not only was every color included, but also every fabric weight to compare.

    Did not like the color

    The swatch was not a good representation of color. The Quartz Pink is not to my liking. I will not be completing the set.

    22 Momme Silk Flat Sheet
    Shelley Bowe (US)
    Awesome silk sheets

    Going through hot flashes, thought I’d give these 22 Momme sheets a try. I look forward to climbing into bed every night, love the feel of the 22 momme silk.
    I had questions early on about the size and the count, I called and their costumer service is absolutely wonderful, they are knowledgeable and very helpful. This company stands behind their product. I highly recommend them. I ordered gunmetal, a dark gray, looks great with the tans in my room.

    22 Momme silk, Simply dreamy!

    My first purchase was the 30 Momme silk pillowcases, soft, heavier silk, dense. But when I purchased the 22 Momme silk sheet set, that turned my life around! So so soft, dreamy, really felt pampered! I used to have trouble sleeping through the night, no more. Also my curly hair and older skin love the silk. I face the shiny flat sheet against me and my comforter stays in place. I did notice some pilling after I washed them, but only at the foot end, so it's my own dry feet causing it. The handy label right on the sheet to put it at the foot end is great, practical, so I'm not messing up the entire bottom sheet. I don't feel the pilling with my feet or legs, so it stays soft. It's so hard to get out of bed and I look forward to going to bed now! I machine wash my sheets by themselves with Heritage Park detergent, in my HE no agitator washer, on normal cycle, cold water, high spin and air dry in my dryer, takes about an hour to dry. It's easy care and they turn out fine, stay soft and hold up great. Wonderful quality product! It's expensive, by my standards, but I decided I'd spend more than that on a little vacation I'm NOT taking with COVID and believe me, feeling this good in bed IS a wonderful vacation!

    Great detergent for your silk needs

    It does the job nicely and leaves your silk products feeling great and clean, highly recommended.

    22 Momme Silk Sheet Sets
    Shawn Rouse (US)
    Heavenly Fabric

    Never had silk sheets before and wanted to try the real deal and not the fake stuff. I'm so happy that I decided to go with Mulberry Parks 22 momme silk sheet set, my bed feels so good and keeps me cool at night which was the biggest factor for wanting them. I can't wait to get in my bed now, I feel like royalty from the middle ages with these sheets. I HIGHLY recommend them to anyone looking for quality fabric for your bed. I thought twice about the price before buying but now I know why the price is what it is, you're paying for quality, you'll never wanna sleep on anything else again!

    Serves it’s purpose

    What I like about this Scarf is when I moisturize and seal it doesn’t leak through on my Pillows. Win win for me


    I searched high and low for a quality silk pillowcase and found this company. Their products are exactly what I was looking for! I have no complaints and I absolutely love my pillowcase! It-is-so-soft! I purchased a few more for myself as well as given away as gifts!

    I haven't slept this good in years

    A past patient got me very interested in silk sheets by telling me all about the benefits and giving me my first silk pillowcase of my own. I was at first like "yeah okay", but after sleeping on just the pillowcase alone, I noticed how much better I was sleeping as I wasn't constantly tossing and turning in the night due to temperature issues. So I did some research, came across Mulberry Park Silks, and decided to make my entire bed silk! It was 100% worth it. I sleep much more soundly and don't wake nearly as much, if at all, in the middle of the night. I do want to make them last as long as possible so both me and my husband wear socks at night to avoid snags from rougher skin (i.e. foot calluses, areas that would rough up the material and compromise its durability). ADD TO CART IF YOU WANT BETTER SLEEP!!! :)

    Wonderful for driving!!!!

    I purchased a travel pillow to take on trips for sleeping on. On a recent trip, around three hours in, my back started to hurt. I already had a lumbar pillow positioned behind my lower back. Since my travel pillow was in the seat beside me I decided to try putting that behind my upper back. Pure bliss! All aches and pains disappeared! I was so impressed! This is a travel pillow in more ways than one! Two big thumbs up!!!!


    I really like these when they are new. I was having a problem with the pillowcase of my organic cotton sheets rubbing off the outer corner of my eyelashes. (I sleep on my side.) That problem has been eliminated since using these silk ones. (Thank you! ) I have found, though, that after a year of washing them in cold water in a fine mesh garment bag, in the washing machine on the gentlest cycle & with the detergent I buy here that they become kind of rough. I have compared them to the 22 Momme ones & find the 22 Momme hold up better over time & I prefer them to the 19 Momme after they get broken in a bit. For the first few months, though, I like the 19 Momme ones best. Go figure…

    King Pillow Cases

    I love my new pillow cases. My hair and skin are also loving these pillow cases. I feel like I'm sleeping in a luxury hotel every night. Next on my list are the sheets that go with the pillow cases.

    Smells so good!

    I love this scent! I not only use it for my silk pillow case but also for my other fine/delicates! I will definitely be ordering the large size soon.

    Silk Head Scarf Bandana
    Debbie Entsminger (US)
    Amazing curls!!!!

    Thats what I end up with after I wear this scarf at night! I am simply amazed! My curls have never been so full and lovely! If you have curly hair I highly HIGHLY recommend buying this scarf! I also have a silk pillowcase that I love too but the results from wearing this scarf on my hair at night are even better!!!!

    Lovely Scrunchies

    The scrunchies are very comfortable. The elastic inside seems pretty strong and fit well.

    22 Momme Silk Pillowcase
    Christopher Smith (US)
    Excellent Experience

    I knew nothing about silk and the nice person who assisted me was very patient to provide all the info I needed to make a wise decision. My order arrived quickly and I have been 100% satisfied with the product. I'll be ordering more shortly.

    19 Momme Silk Pillowcase
    Heidi Sanman (US)
    Great value!

    I ordered 4 pillowcases and they are just as nice as described. They fit perfectly and I no longer sweat at night. My only wish is that I had bought them sooner!

    Silk detergent

    It is a very good product and is good for my silk sheets and silk blanket. It is also odor free. So luxurious

    22 Momme Silk Sheet Sets
    Johnathan Maffei (US)
    Great sheets. Wished they last longer, though.

    Great product, aside from longevity. I was hoping to get more than a year before they ripped.

    Smaller than expected

    I was looking for regular-sized, real silk scrunchies (not satin), and mulberry Park silks had them in the colors I wanted at a reasonable price, so I ordered this in large and also the other pack with different colors in black and two shades of grey.
    I like them, but I was expecting them to be more poof-y, and they’re a bit smaller than other scrunchies I own.. I think this size should be listed as medium not large. Also the tan and pink color are more pale than I expected. I was hoping they would be more warm toned.

    Pure Silk Travel Pillowcase
    Rhana LaSelle (US)
    Maybe make one to fit a body pillow?

    I love the quality and workmanship of my king pillowcase. That said, I hate that I’m going to cut into it!
    I ordered it with the hope that it would be long enough to cover the main part of my body pillow that I cannot sleep without due to a back injury. Sadly, it’s not quite long enough to fit so I’ll now use it to make a ‘sleeve’ for my ‘J’ shaped body pillow. I hate to slit the folded end of the case and re-hem it but I absolutely adore the feel of it when I’m in bed (I just laying over my pillow) and how my hair feels when I get up. But this arrangement means I’m constantly adjusting through the night. I’m hoping that by making a ‘tube’ out of it things will be a great fit! Heads up MPS!!! 😁

    Great Pillowcase

    Great pillowcase that is durable and made with the highest quality.