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    Heritage Park Luxury Silk & Wool Detergent

    The ultimate luxury laundry detergent to gently and effectively, clean delicate silk fabric without causing damage. *Please Note: Heritage Park Silk & Wool Detergent is not available to ship internationally.* View Full Description

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    Absolutely NO animal testing is performed at any stage of product development
    • Heritage Park has created the ultimate luxury laundry detergent to gently, yet effectively, clean without causing damage to costly fabrics. This specialized laundry soap contains powerful cleaning agents formulated just for silk, wool, and other fabric clothing and home linens made of natural fibers. With its unique cleaning power, Heritage Park's fine laundry detergent for silk and wool will preserve your laundered luxuries for years to come.

      • CONCENTRATED formula for high efficiency, front load, and traditional top-loading washing machines. Wash more loads of laundry with every bottle.
      • EFFECTIVE STAIN REMOVER - Perfectly balanced powerful cleaning ingredients are capable of removing tough odors and set-in stains while remaining gentle on your favorite linens.
      • CONTAINS NO Dyes, Sulfates, Phosphates (optical brighteners), Chlorine Bleach, or Caustic chemicals. Heritage Park liquid laundry detergent is Biodegradable making wash water acceptable for even grey-water systems. A Neutral PH means our detergent is safer on delicate fabrics. Only necessary ingredients are used, with no fillers or excess water.

      Available Scent Options:

      • FRAGRANCE-FREE liquid detergent is unscented and a perfect detergent for sensitive skin or those prone to an allergic reaction or skin irritation from harsh chemicals in other laundry products. This detergent is Hypoallergenic and Dermatologist tested.
      • LAVENDER MIST offers a soothing, natural scent that is fragranced with all-natural lavender essential oil, without any synthetic chemicals for a clean, relaxing floral scent.

      This specialized gentle detergent can be used in machine washing and to hand wash garments and home items made of silk, wool, cashmere, furs, and other natural fibers.

      Use: Always follow the fabric manufacturer's washing instructions. Effective in all water temperatures and wash cycle settings. Great for standard and high-efficiency washing machines as well as to hand wash your favorite wool and silk clothes and linens. This highly concentrated liquid laundry detergent should be used sparingly, overuse during washing can cause soap to not be completely removed during the rinse cycle. To treat stains simply dilute detergent with a little cool water and apply to the stain. Allow to set before washing.

      When washing silk, be sure to check your washing machine for damage to any internal plastic parts that could have been slightly damaged by zippers or metal on clothing. This can catch and cause tears and holes in delicate fabrics. The use of a mesh laundry bag is highly recommended.

      *Please Note: Heritage Park Silk & Wool Detergent is not available to ship internationally.*

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 72 reviews
    Alon Mathis (US)
    Just what I needed

    Detergent works as expected!

    Diana Collins (US)
    AS advertized

    Pleased with this product - it provides gentle washing care for my pillowcases. Best product for my special items.

    Sarah B. (US)
    Works Well. Recommended!

    Very pleased with this purchase. Works well to gently clean my silk and wool clothing.

    Marcia Brown (US)
    Very pleased

    I have tried this product both handwashing silks and on the gentle cycle of my washing machine. Great both ways. We have very soft water, so not much is needed to be effective. I wouldn't trust my silks to anything else now.

    Linh Anderson (US)

    Over the years, I have tried numerous silk laundry detergent products with varying results. Heritage Park stands so far better than the others. It is fragrance free and my silks sheets fresh out of the washer have no odor. The detergent rinses away completely and my silk sheets came out soft, clean and in the great condition.

    Naomi (US)
    Truly scent free!

    I bought the small travel size of this detergent in fragrance free to test if it truly is fragrance free- and it is!! It is hard to find products that actually have no smell so I am absolutely delighted to have found this for washing my new 30 momme pillowcase! Well done!

    Alisha Dawson (US)
    So far, so good

    So far, its working!

    Linda Webb (US)
    Great silk or delicate wash

    I have used the heritage park fragrance free, and lavender wash on my Mulberry Park silk pillowcases. I hand wash easily and wrap them in a towel gently and hang to air dry away fro direct sunlight.They dry fairly quickly and then I put them back on my pillow. There are some wrinkles, but smooth out after being on the pillow. I would highly recommend this gentle wash. It does a great job.
    Also customer service was great.