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    Polyester Filled Pillow Insert for 13" x 18" Travel Pillowcases - 8oz Fill

    Perfect for those who love to travel! This plush pillow insert has a 100% cotton shell with non-allergenic, premium polyester filling that fits perfectly in our travel silk pillowcases (*sold separately). View Full Description

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    • Perfect for those who love to travel! This plush pillow insert has a 100% cotton shell with non-allergenic, premium polyester filling that fits perfectly in our travel silk pillowcases (*sold separately).

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 14 reviews
    Barb (US)
    22 Momme silk, Simply dreamy!

    My first purchase was the 30 Momme silk pillowcases, soft, heavier silk, dense. But when I purchased the 22 Momme silk sheet set, that turned my life around! So so soft, dreamy, really felt pampered! I used to have trouble sleeping through the night, no more. Also my curly hair and older skin love the silk. I face the shiny flat sheet against me and my comforter stays in place. I did notice some pilling after I washed them, but only at the foot end, so it's my own dry feet causing it. The handy label right on the sheet to put it at the foot end is great, practical, so I'm not messing up the entire bottom sheet. I don't feel the pilling with my feet or legs, so it stays soft. It's so hard to get out of bed and I look forward to going to bed now! I machine wash my sheets by themselves with Heritage Park detergent, in my HE no agitator washer, on normal cycle, cold water, high spin and air dry in my dryer, takes about an hour to dry. It's easy care and they turn out fine, stay soft and hold up great. Wonderful quality product! It's expensive, by my standards, but I decided I'd spend more than that on a little vacation I'm NOT taking with COVID and believe me, feeling this good in bed IS a wonderful vacation!

    Deb Ents (US)
    Wonderful for driving!!!!

    I purchased a travel pillow to take on trips for sleeping on. On a recent trip, around three hours in, my back started to hurt. I already had a lumbar pillow positioned behind my lower back. Since my travel pillow was in the seat beside me I decided to try putting that behind my upper back. Pure bliss! All aches and pains disappeared! I was so impressed! This is a travel pillow in more ways than one! Two big thumbs up!!!!

    Rhana LaSelle (US)
    Maybe make one to fit a body pillow?

    I love the quality and workmanship of my king pillowcase. That said, I hate that I’m going to cut into it!
    I ordered it with the hope that it would be long enough to cover the main part of my body pillow that I cannot sleep without due to a back injury. Sadly, it’s not quite long enough to fit so I’ll now use it to make a ‘sleeve’ for my ‘J’ shaped body pillow. I hate to slit the folded end of the case and re-hem it but I absolutely adore the feel of it when I’m in bed (I just laying over my pillow) and how my hair feels when I get up. But this arrangement means I’m constantly adjusting through the night. I’m hoping that by making a ‘tube’ out of it things will be a great fit! Heads up MPS!!! 😁

    Diana Collins (US)
    Simply heaven

    I travel a lot and generally take a full size pillow. Having recently bought a travel pillow, I just had to pair it with the a silk travel pillowcase. It's a dream to sleep on, much smaller to travel with and does the joy. Great to be able to take a piece of heaven with me.

    Big Al (US)
    Great travel accessory!

    I love this travel silk pillow. While we havent had the opportunity to do any air travel yet, we are looking forward to it soon. I know from my regular silk pillowcases, I will arrive with less "disheveled" hair and "crinkled" face. Thank you for thinking of this size. My husband wants one now, too :)

    Jennifer Kokesh (US)
    Loving This Pillowcase!

    I use a toddler-sized pillow as my regular bed pillow (as it is very heavy because it's filled with Buckwheat Hulls) and wanted a silk pillowcase to protect my hair and skin.

    This travel pillowcase is perfect! Great fit. The Ivory color is truly White to my eyes - I do not see any Cream undertones. It is so soft and silky on my head! Barely any wrinkles, after using it for five days. Have not yet washed it but it came with great instructions for safely doing so!

    Lori Dean (US)
    Nice Silk

    I love my silk travel pillow case. Can't wait to get a pillow case for my bed..

    Thank you for your review! We are so pleased to hear that you are enjoying your silk travel pillowcase. We are looking forward to assisting you in your future order!

    Jean (US)
    Looks Great!

    We’ll know more on Christmas Day 🎄