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    If you are looking for the color Sand, it is now avaible in the outlet section!

    If Your search for a great night’s sleep has come to an end! Just get between our 100% pure silk 22 momme sheets and treat yourself to the overnight health and beauty regimen that will have you sleeping well and waking beautifully. Sleeping on our silk bedding can really level up your beauty routine:

    Prevents hair breakage and tangles. Silk’s smooth surface protects your hair to minimize bedhead, tame frizz, and promote regrowth. Silk naturally hydrates your hair to protect and condition it while you sleep.

    Anti-aging care for your skin. . Silk sheets and pillowcases prevent sleep wrinkles (your skin glides over the surface friction-free). Protein-based silk also keeps your skin naturally hydrated and moisturized.

    Soothes sensitive skin and acne. Silk is hypoallergenic and non-irritating. Dermatologists recommend sleeping on silk for patients with acne, eczema, psoriasis, or other skin conditions.

    Regulates temperature for maximum comfort in any weather. Pure silk fiber wicks away moisture to keep you cool when it’s hot and help retain heat when it’s cold.

    Feels luxurious. . No fabric on Earth feels as sensuous and indulgent as pure mulberry silk charmeuse. Silk has been prized and valued as the ultimate luxury fabric for thousands of years.

    Highest Quality Silk.   Our silk sheets are handmade and crafted from 100 percent 22 momme grade 6A mulberry silk.

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