Silk Sheets: Fighting the Effects of Hot Flashes

    Fighting the Effects of Hot Flashes with Silk Bedding

    Here at Mulberry Park Silks, we are all about spreading the word that silk is great for hair and skin. We're constantly talking about how our sheets and pillowcases can help reduce sleep wrinkles and torn tresses. But silk sheets may just be a secret weapon in another health and wellness battle: the fight against those dreaded hot flashes.

    Hot flashes demystified

    Silk sheets are a secret weapon in fighting against hot flashes

    If you've had one, you likely know it. But for the uninitiated, hot flashes are intense feelings of warmth and flushing through the face and body. They may be accompanied by increased body temperature, sweating and even a rapid heart rate. Hot flashes are most commonly triggered by the hormonal changes in menopause, and are predictably unpredictable. Some last a few moments; others can continue for ten minutes or more. Some women never experience hot flashes; others get them for a decade or longer.

    When a hot flash occurs during sleep, it's referred to as a "night sweat." This can be particularly uncomfortable, because it can leave the woman feeling chilled when the hot flash lets up.

    Can Sleeping on Silk Sheets Help?

    Sleeping on Silk Sheets helps with hot flashes

    The short answer is a resounding "yes!" While silk sheets won't cure or prevent hot flashes, they can absolutely help regulate body temperature and moisture for maximum comfort.

    Mary, founder of Mulberry Park Silks, sheds light on why thousands of women have made the jump from cotton to silk sheets, saying, "It has to do with silk's unique ability to wick away moisture without getting damp. When cotton sheets get damp, they can no longer absorb the sweat your body produces during a hot flash and you get hot much faster."

    In contrast, cotton shuts down the natural cooling process of your body. Silk keeps you cool and, by wicking away moisture, also dry. This helps your body return more quickly to normal temperature.

    Mary adds, "Silk does things no other natural fiber can do. It really is remarkable and unique in these properties.

    What about in Cold Weather? Will Silk Sheets Cool me Down?

    Actually, in cold weather, silk will keep you warm. Silk has a very low conductivity which results in an ability to create thin air insulation layer that is capable of keeping you warm. When you sweat, silk wicks moisture and keeps you cool; when you're not, it maintains warmth. Silk keeps you cool, but when you aren't sweating, it keeps you warm. It's the perfect option for year-round comfort and luxury.

    Get the Sleep you Deserve with Silk

    As we said, silk won't stop hot flashes. But they're an effective tool that can help you get a good night's sleep without waking in a pile of soaking sheets. For the greatest benefit, we recommend choosing high grade sheets like these 22 momme charmeuse silk sheets.

    Taking good care of your mulberry silk sheets will extend their beauty and comfort. Follow our silk sheet care guide for direction and consider using a gentle detergent specially formulated for fine linens, like one from our Heritage Park Laundry Essentials line.

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