Which is Better for Me? Comparing Zipper and Envelope Closures for Silk Pillowcases

This article discusses the differences between envelope closures and hidden zipper closures for silk pillowcase so that silk bedding buyers can choose the best style for their needs.

Silk Pillowcase Closures: More than One Style to Choose From

Most of us don’t spend too much time thinking about the precise style of our pillowcase closures. And that makes sense; we tend to focus more on the material. But when you’re purchasing a high-quality silk pillowcase -- like those we sell at Mulberry Park Silks -- a traditional open-ended cotton pillowcase design just won’t do. With soft, lustrous silk, you need a closure that will hold your pillowcase perfectly in place, feel comfortable, and look super stylish.

To accommodate our clients’ various preferences, we offer two styles of silk pillowcase closure here at Mulberry Park Silks: our signature envelope closure silk pillowcases and a hidden zipper style. This blog will help you understand the differences between the two types of closures to choose which best suits your individual style and comfort needs.

Envelope Closure: Our Signature Silk Pillowcase Design

When we first started making our pure silk pillowcases, we worked for more than a year to source the perfect material and design. Envelope closures, which use overlapping fabric to create a secure pocket, are a clever way to keep your pillow neatly tucked in the case. Our inaugural pillowcase design -- which remains our best-seller -- features a generous envelope closure that holds your pillow securely without any sharp edges or hardware.

An Envelope closure silk pillowcase offers unique benefits:

  1. Easy to Use: The envelope closure allows for quick and hassle-free insertion and removal of the pillow. Simply slide the pillow inside the pocket and tuck it in securely. No zippers or buttons to deal with. Check out this blog for a simple video demonstration of how easy it is to put our envelope closure silk pillowcases on your pillow.
  1. Minimalistic Design: Envelope closure pillowcases have a clean and simple aesthetic, making them suitable for various decor styles. The absence of visible closures gives them a sleek and streamlined appearance. Note: all Mulberry Park Silks pillowcases feature French Seams, which are double-sewn for a finished look.

  1. Comfortable Sleep: The lack of hard closures like zippers or buttons reduces the chances of discomfort or irritation while sleeping. The soft fabric of the pillowcase provides a cozy and relaxing experience without the chance of getting poked or prodded by hardware (exceptionally important for people who are light sleepers; are sensory protective; or have sensitive skin).

While we don’t believe there are any disadvantages to our envelope closures, sleepers who move around a lot may cause the pillowcase to loosen or gap. This doesn’t happen often, but vigorous sleepers may experience it.

Envelope closure silk pillowcases are best for:

  • A minimalist, no-fuss look.
  • Ease of use and effortless pillow insertion and removal process.
  • Offering a hardware-free sleeping surface that is uniformly soft and comfortable.

Hidden Zipper Closure: A Sleek Alternative for Silk Pillowcases

Most pillowcases on the market feature some variation of a hidden zipper design. This discreet zipper runs along one side of the pillowcase, providing a secure and snug fit and a tailored look with defined corners. Hidden zipper pillowcases also allow for patterns to be seamlessly printed on both sides of the pillowcase (for example, we use a hidden zipper to maximize the visual impact of our Gallery Collection, which features prints from noted wildlife artist Elyssa Helfman).

There are other benefits to hidden zipper closures for silk pillowcases:

  1. Secure Fit: The hidden zipper closure ensures that the pillow remains securely in place without any chance of slippage or exposure. This feature is particularly beneficial for people who move around during sleep or prefer firm pillow support (a firm pillow is more likely to work itself out of the envelope closure.)
  2. Classic Design: a hidden zipper closure provides a clean, classic look that is a bit more tailored than the envelope closure style. 
  3. Easy Maintenance: The hidden zipper allows for easy removal and reinsertion of the pillow, making it convenient for washing and keeping your bedding fresh and clean.

Hidden zippers come with the minor drawback of possibly causing slight discomfort to people who are uniquely sensitive and can feel the zipper (note: we use the highest quality zippers in the marketplace on our pillowcases to ensure that they remain securely closed and “locked” in their tracks). Additionally, the zipper must be zipped securely before machine washing to make sure it doesn’t break or snag (all silk pillowcases and bedding should be placed in a fine mesh wash bag before going in the washer). Learn more about washing silk pillowcases and bedding by reading these care instructions.

Hidden zipper closure silk pillowcases are best for:

  • Preventing potential slippage for people who move around a lot.
  • A more classic, tailored look.
  • Pillowcases with printed designs.

Envelope or Zipper Closure? A Personal Preference

Choosing the best silk pillowcase closure -- envelope or zipper -- comes down to your personal style, usage, and comfort preferences. If you never want to get poked with a zipper and don’t move around too much, an envelope closure may be for you. If you tend to turn a lot or want a completely tailored look, a zippered pillowcase closure may be ideal. Both styles are comfortable, versatile, and easy to use and care for; both also deliver many beauty and wellness benefits like preventing hair frizz and hair breakage; minimizing sleep wrinkles; and keeping hair and skin well hydrated.

Comparing Envelope or Zipper Closure

Mulberry Park Silks Envelope Closure Silk Pillowcases

Mulberry Park Silks Hidden Zipper Closure Silk Pillowcases

Minimalist and no fuss

Easy to use

Soft, smooth surface with no hardware

Good for lighter sleepers, sensitive skin, sensory issues

French seams

Choice of color and momme weights to coordinate with silk sheet sets

Health and wellness benefits

Tailored look

Prevents slippage with secure fit

Good for people who move around a lot

Showcase designs beautifully

French seams

Choice of color and momme weights to coordinate with silk sheet sets

Health and wellness benefits

If you have more questions, feel free to connect with our design team; we are happy to help you navigate any and all of your style and color options for silk pillowcases and bedding.

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