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22 Momme Silk Robes with Adjustable Sleeves

The Pure Silk Robe you have been craving. You asked for a robe made from the same luxurious 22 momme silk we use for our sheets, and we heard you! After all, who doesn’t love the feeling of supple, decadent silk against their skin? Made from the highest-quality 100 percent silk in an indulgent 22 momme weight, this kimono-style luxury robe is a dream. Unlike satin robes (usually made from synthetic materials such as polyester) silk robes are made from a natural protein-rich fiber that is breathable, gentle on the skin, and “help with issues like dryness and sensitivity. Our robe features convenient hanging loops, interior ties for secure closure, and an external belt for a perfect fit. Our special feature, a sewn-in tab with a button closure to keep each sleeve up when needed, makes this one of the best silk robes on the market.