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    A 100% pure silk pillowcase is an absolute must for anyone in search of a beautiful night's sleep. Our silk pillowcase helps prevent sleep wrinkles. Wake up with fewer tangles, less frizz, or bed head. Sleep cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This pillowcase is a delightful luxury to be enjoyed throughout the year. View Full Description

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    • Sleep Better and Wake Up with Healthy Hair and Skin

      A 100% pure silk pillowcase is an absolute must for anyone in search of a beautiful night's sleep. It helps to prevent sleep wrinkles and aids in keeping hair beautifully styled throughout the night. Cool in the summer and warm in the winter, a Mulberry Park Silk pillowcase is a delightful luxury to be enjoyed throughout the year.

      • Sleeping on the smooth surface of a silk pillowcase should be an essential part of your hair and skin care routine, whatever your skin or hair type.
      • Wake up with fewer tangles, less frizzy hair, and minimal bed head. Sleeping on silk helps hair retain its natural moisture, tames split ends, and minimizes hair breakage on fine hair. It protects the hair cuticle and even promotes hair growth.
      • Using a silk pillowcase will minimize skin abrasion, help your skin to retain moisture, and prevent fine lines and wrinkles on delicate facial skin.
      • Made from 100% Pure Mulberry Silk Charmeuse, 19 Momme 100% Grade 6A Pure Mulberry Long-Strand Silk
      • Package includes a single pillowcase made from pure mulberry silk

      Mulberry Park Silk charmeuse pillowcases and sheets are all made of 100 percent natural Mulberry silk. For comparison to thread count, a 19 momme weight mulberry silk fabric equates to the weight of 600 thread count cotton. Unlike cotton, however, silk fabric is naturally hypoallergenic; silk thread is resistant to dust mites, mold, fungus, and other allergens. Pure silk is a natural fiber that helps prevent abrasion of the skin, helps hair and skin retain moisture, and is beneficial for wrinkle prevention and taming frizzy hair. Dermatologists recommend a silk pillowcase for acne, skin irritation, and sensitive skin. Mulberry Park's silk pillowcase, silk sheet, and silk eye mask collection is certified to be free of harmful chemicals for worry-free beauty sleep. Consider adding an eye mask to your 19 momme pillowcase order!

      Many Benefits of Silk

      • Mulberry Park's silk bedding contains 18 different amino acids, similar to those used in many high-end body lotions, skin and hair treatment products -- just imagine the benefits of sleeping on silk!
      • Silk is a breathable fabric that helps to retain moisture, prevent wrinkles, and provide a wonderful source of nourishment and maintenance for your hair and skin.
      • A natural silk pillowcase will keep dry skin moisturized and prevent wrinkles and the dreaded sleep lines (a sleep crease from sleeping on cotton pillowcases can turn into fine lines and wrinkles over time!) You'll also wake with fewer tangles, less frizz or bed head; just imagine getting out of bed every day with smoother and more manageable hair!

      Sleep Better, Sleep Beautifully

      With Mulberry Park's ultra-soft and smooth natural silk pillowcases, you'll wake up with healthier skin and hair! You may sleep on a mulberry silk pillowcase for acne…use a silk pillowcase for fine lines or wrinkles…or tame your tresses with a silk pillowcase for curly hair. But sleeping on a silk pillowcase for hair and skin is only part of the story! Mulberry Park Silk fabric is designed to naturally help regulate your body temperature. Silk fabric pillowcases feel cooler to your skin in the summer and warmer in the winter and will help you to get the ultimate good night's sleep. Of all the anti-aging products on the market, real silk pillowcases (and sheets) are one of the best investments you can make in overall health and well-being.

      Envelope Pillowcase Closure vs. Zipper

      Zipper pulls can easily puncture delicate silk fabric or the material can get caught in the zipper teeth and tear. Even a hidden zipper poke you while you sleep. This unique envelope closure prevents this from happening. The special envelope closure comes with a generous 8" flap at the end of the case allows your pillow to be tucked in and out of sight for a more finished and refined look and feel. No ugly zippers on your silk pillowcases!

      What you will receive - One 100% pure 19 Momme double-sided Silk pillowcase with an 8" envelope closure. Order an extra one for when you are laundering, traveling, or just want to give one as a gift.

      Available pillowcase sizes are:

      • Standard silk pillowcase which measures 20" x 26"
      • Queen silk pillowcase which measures 20" x 30"
      • King silk pillowcase which measures 20" x 36"

      All Mulberry Park Silk pillowcases are OEKO-TEX Certified (Standard 100) to be free of chemicals and naturally dyed with no color shading or fading.

      Mulberry Park Silk was recently named "Best Overall Sheet Set" by both Women's Health and Prevention's online magazine in its recent ranking of top silk bedding. Additionally, this pillowcase is ranked in Oprah Magazine as one of the "Best Silk Pillowcases". This silk pillowcase for hair and skincare is one of our most affordable.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 647 reviews
    Better Than Expected!

    To be honest, I wasn't sure I was going to even "like" this pillowcase but I surprised myself. I was concerned about washing it and if it would come back to me with a multitude of wrinkles that I would have to iron out to make it inviting again but that didn't happen. I can honestly say the I am very happy with this product and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it.

    Very satisfied

    The silk is gentle on my face, allowing me to relax more. The fabric remains cool throughout the night even when my head perspires a bit.

    Cool, smooth, silky feel all night long

    Was having hair breakage from tossing and turning at night. I believe this is making a difference!


    I got the silk pillowcases two weeks ago and I have loved using them, they feel wonderful and I will definitely be getting more in the future, be it for me or to give as gifts.


    It appears my hair looks shinier when sleeping on those pillowcases. Giving as gifts and everyone appreciates / enjoys. Definitely will be ordering more.

    Simply Wonderful

    What a luxurious feel this pillowcase has. I’ve never owned a silk pillowcase but heard they were much healthier for your hair, skin, and a better nights sleep. After reading the reviews I thought why not. I’m worth it. I’ll treat myself and purchased two (I wanted a matching set). They have exceeded my expectations. My hair and skin feel wonderful sliding over its smooth luxurious feel when I go to sleep. Highly recommend you treat yourself too.

    Noticeably different

    It’s winter so we put the cotton flannel sheets on and for the first time I noticed hair breaking off and more wrinkles on my face upon walking so this is the second purchase in a long quest for kinder bedding. The silk is beautiful and has an almost “milky” quality and the construction is thoughtful - that envelope detail keeps the pillow inside the case which is important because, you know, silk is slippery, which is partly why it works. So I highly recommend. Additionally customer service was very responsive during the holiday rush when a package was delayed so I can’t say enough good things about this company and these folks. Thank you!!

    Thank you for your review! We are so pleased to hear that you are enjoying your silk products and that is helping keep your hair and skin beautiful! We are glad you are enjoying all the benefits and unique features of our products and had a great experience with our customer service!

    Loved so much

    I enjoyed mine so much I gave to friend for b'day and Christmas. Friend really enjoys them

    Thank you for your review! We are so happy that both you and your friend are enjoying your silk pillowcases!

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