Support Guide to Help Those in Need

A cancer diagnosis is never easy. Supporting a friend or loved one through this difficult situation can be challenging. Sometimes it’'s hard to know how best to help, particularly during the physical and emotional ordeal of cancer treatment and recovery. This is a time when even the smallest comforts -- like the simple gift of a real silk pillowcase -- can make a big difference.

19 Momme & 22 Momme Silk Pillowcases: Silk pillowcases are beneficial in many ways. Our fabric is naturally temperature regulating to ensure restful sleep, it also glides over fragile follicles reducing breakage of fragile hair fibers.

Pure Silk Travel Pillowcase: 
Our travel pillowcases offer the same benefits as the 19 Momme & 22 Momme Pillowcases while you're on the go. This makes them perfect for bringing the comfort of home to any potential treatments.

Silk Head Scarf Bandana: 
A fashionable way to encourage hair growth. Daily wear will keep the scalp moisturized and create an ideal environment for fragile hair fibers.

Silk Charmeuse Eye Mask: 
Restful sleep will come easy with the light-blocking technology of our eye masks. Rejuvenate tired eyes by surrounding them with the healing benefits of silk while catching well-deserved z's.

Silk Aromatherapy Lavender Eye Pillow: 
Capitalize on all of the benefits of our Silk Charmeuse Eye Mask with the added scent of Lavender. The naturally soothing aroma of Lavender will help relax and revive the mind and body during trying times.

To learn more about how silks help those enduring the tribulations of chemotherapy, read our blog: A Gift of Comfort for Loved Ones Undergoing Chemotherapy

Support Guide to Help Those in Need