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    Our silk sheets are crafted from 100% pure mulberry silk in a charmeuse weave. They come in three different momme weights: 19, 22, and 30. Momme is a measurement of silk fabric that is similar to thread count; higher momme silk is more densely woven and the silk fibers are thicker.

    Higher momme sheets have proportionately more silk than lower momme sheets of the same size. For example: a 30 momme sheet has 58% more silk than a 19 momme sheet. A 22 momme sheet contains 16% more silk than a 19 momme sheets. A higher momme count means more silk, heavier fabric, and more costly sheets.

    What temperature sleeper are you?

    • If you are a hot or warm sleeper, we recommend 19 momme sheets (our lightest weight) or 22 momme weight sheets (heavier but still cool and comfortable).
    • If you are a cold sleeper, we recommend 22 momme sheets (a versatile mid-weight sheet that is our most popular) or 30 momme sheets (heavier weight for the ultimate in warmth and luxury).

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