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    Silk Facts

    Silk Facts

    • Our mulberry silk products are made from 100 percent silk for a true night of beauty sleep.
    • Silk fiber is a protein-based natural fiber produced by silk worms.
    • Each mulberry silk filament is 600 - 900 meters (1,970 - 2,950 feet) long and known for being strong and soft to the touch.
    • A silk bed sheet is made from real silk…unlike a satin pillowcase or satin sheet that is made from synthetic fiber.
    • Silk bed linen is hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant.
    • Momme weight is a unit of measurement for silk. The higher the momme, the heavier and denser the weave will be (density and yarn count are adjusted during silk production).
    • Higher momme weight silk fabrics are also made with thicker yarn.
    • Charmeuse is a style of weaving threads to create a luxurious luster on one side of the fabric and a matte finish on the reverse side.
    • Sleeping on a silk pillow case or sheet set is good for skin and hair. Silk bed linen minimizes hair breakage, frizzy hair, and the incidence of fine lines and wrinkles.
    • A pure mulberry silk pillowcase or pure mulberry silk bed sheet set helps naturally regulate body temperature.