Scrunchie Sets - Sand - Discontinued Color Sale

Scrunchie Sets - Sand - Discontinued Color Sale

Color: Sand
Size: Skinny (3-Pack)

Learn more about momme and silk.
Grade 6A Silk Learn more about grades of silk.
Standard 100 OEKO-TEX Certified Icon Certified free of harmful chemicals and colored with environmentally friendly dyes
Say goodbye to dents, kinks, pulls, and damaged hair. These scrunchies are made from 100% pure Grade 6A Charmeuse silk. Available in a Large (thick) size best for long, thick, or curly hair, or a Small (skinny) size best for thin and short hair.

*Please note that discontinued items are final sale and may not be returned.
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Say goodbye to dents, kinks, pulls, and damaged hair. These scrunchies are made from 100% pure Grade 6A Charmeuse silk. Available in a Large (thick) size best for long, thick, or curly hair, or a Small (skinny) size best for thin and short hair.

*Please note that discontinued items are final sale and may not be returned.
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  • Upgrade your Scrunchie, say hello to beautiful and healthy hair

    • Say good-bye to dents, kinks, pulls, and damaged hair
    • Ultra-smooth silk is gentle on your delicate hair
    • Made from 100% pure Mulberry Charmeuse silk
    • Each set includes 3 silk scrunchies
    • Combo Pack includes 3 skinny and 3 large scrunchies

    This 3-piece scrunchie set includes three Desert Sand silk scrunchie. Our scrunchies are made from 100% pure Mulberry Charmeuse Silk and NEVER from synthetic or polyester satin. Available in a small (skinny) size that is good for all hair types.

    Scrunchies made from the best silk

    Unlike others, these scrunchies are made from the finest 6A grade 22 momme silk. Our silk fibers contain 18 proteins and amino acids that keep your hair healthy and hydrated. We designed our scrunchies to be gentle on all hair types yet strong and durable to grip your hair securely.

    Good-bye to hair dents, kinks, and pulls

    Say hello to beautiful, healthy hair and good-bye to dents, kinks, pulls, and damage! You will find our scrunchies are gentle on all hair types, including curly hair, straight hair, thick hair, and fine hair. Wear them to bed to reduce snagging or wear the scrunchie all day for a comfortable style that places less tension on your delicate hair. Our ultra-smooth Charmeuse silk weave is always gentle on your delicate hair, and it helps to minimize split ends, frizz, and tangles.

    Our scrunchies are designed to gently slip off your hair without pulling, abrasions, or hair breakage - unlike elastics and hair ties - while remaining traceless. Because we only use the finest silk in our product combined with the scrunchies wide surface area help to reduce those annoying hair ridges you get when using traditional hair elastics. Our 100% pure silk scrunchies are the perfect addition to your beauty regiment.

    Fall in LOVE with these silk hair ties

    Silk scrunchies are the perfect gift for anyone who LOVES their hair. Silk scrunchies make an ideal gift for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, Mother’s Day, or ‘just because.’ Your mom, sister, daughter, girlfriend, or bridesmaids will love that you are such a thoughtful gift giver. For the ultimate hair care gift, consider bundling our silk scrunchies with our highly rated silk pillowcases. We offer either 19 Momme pillowcases or 22 Momme pillowcases in matching colors.

    Wet hair, on the go, anytime silk scrunchies

    These Mulberry silk hair ties are all-natural pure silk. These scrunchies helps your hair to retain moisture and are resistant to mold, fungus, and bacteria. Our silk scrunchies ideal for putting up wet hair that is vulnerable to damage. These stylish scrunchies are great for the mom on the go -- use anytime you want to look your best - at the gym, jogging, strolling, or out on the town for a night of fun. Our ultra-soft and stylish scrunchies are the perfect hair accessory for your ponytail, braid, bun, and messy knot.

    Our products are made of the highest quality 22 Momme 6A Grade Mulberry silk and are OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certified. As a silk loving company located in Branford CT, we know nothing is more important than a great hair day!

    We offer a small size that is comparable to skinny hair ties. For any reason, your scrunchies are not right for you, please reach out to us and we will be happy to make it right! 

Customer Reviews

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A.H. (US)

Love these! They don’t leave dents in my hair or get all knotted in my hair. Highly recommend!

Hi Alex,
We are so happy to hear that you love your silk scrunchies! It really is amazing what a difference a little silk makes! Thanks for taking the time to review them!
~The Mulberry Park Silks Team

Caitlin Hay (US)
I love these scrunchies and especially the color!

I absolutely love these scrunchies. They are so great on my hair. I was using basic elastic bands before ordering these and every time I took my hair out, there was always a wad of hair on it that had been pulled out. Does not happen with these silk scrunchies. Maybe one or two hairs once in a while, but nowhere near what the regular elastic ones were doing to my hair. I ordered another box of them a few weeks later. Also, I absolutely LOVE the color Sand. It's bittersweet that it's discontinued, because I love that I was able to order these scrunchies at a discount, but super disappointed that I won't be able to order this color anymore. I would have loved to have order a silk sheet set in this color. I have two pillowcases in the color Sage, and plan on ordering the duvet cover in Sage in the future. I think silk sheet sets in the color Sand would have gone so nicely with the Sage as a color combo. I'm so sad that I only found this brand after they had discontinued Sand. I saw they had the color Taupe in 22 momme pillowcases, and that probably would be a nice alternative to Sand. Unfortunately, they only offer the pillowcases with zipper enclosures instead of envelope, and they don't offer sheets in that color. Anyway, love these scrunchies so much. Will order even more in the future.

Linda Merrill (US)

Wonderful service and very dependable!

Hi Linda,
We are so happy to hear that we have provided you with excellent customer service. We strive every day to meet our customer's expectations. We appreciate you taking the time to leave us feedback.
~The Mulberry Park Silks Team


These silk scrunchies are so pretty and soft, I love using them!


Very lovely scrunchies to protect my hair


I really loved these scrunchies and they are of very good quality!

Janet (US)
Great Scrunchies

These scrunchies do not pull my hair out and easily glide off my hair.

Dear Janet,

We're truly appreciative that you've found some great scrunchies that are gentle on your hair and easy to use. Finding the right hair accessories can make a significant difference in hair health and overall comfort. Should you ever have inquiries or need guidance, remember that our dedicated team of silk aficionados is available to help. Please feel free to reach out whenever you'd like.

Best regards,
The Mulberry Park Silks Team


So soft and pretty, can’t wait to use them.

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