Breathe Easy: The German Art of Lüften Meets Luxury with Mulberry Park Silks

This article highlights the German practice of airing out the bedroom with a blast of brisk cool air—known as Lüften—and explains how pure silk sheets support the goal of a fresh sleep space.

In the world of luxury linens, the pursuit of a perfect night’s rest is an eternal goal. Here at Mulberry Park Silks, we know that our pure, hypoallergenic silk sheets can be a big part of creating an environment that is conducive to great sleep. Our silk charmeuse bedding feels luxurious; is non-irritating to skin; and naturally regulates body temperature for comfortable rest in any condition.

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Of course, sheets are only part of the equation for deep, renewing sleep. Today we’re taking a look at a time-honored sleep and wellness tradition from Germany—“Lüften,”or airing out of the bedroom—and explain why Mulberry Park Silks sheets are the perfect companion for the art of Lüften.

What is Lüften (and Why Do Germans Swear by It?)

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The German practice of "Lüften" (derived from the German word for “air”) refers to the habit of ventilating or airing out living spaces to ensure fresh air circulation. Lüften is a part of the culture and a practical aspect of daily life in Germany, especially during the colder seasons when windows are typically kept closed. The idea is to briefly open windows wide for a short period of time, usually a few minutes, to allow for a complete exchange of indoor air. (There is even a special term for this shock of cold air, “Stoßlüften”). Proper ventilation and movement of air helps remove pollutants, odors, mold and moisture and contributes to a healthier living space.

Our friend Reini, who grew up in Germany, describes Lüften simply, saying, “The purpose is to get stale air out and fresh air in.” In her home, Lüften was a common practice that involved opening the window to a room and closing the door for a few minutes to let the fresh air do its work, especially in air tight spaces. She adds, “Lots of people in Germany would never even consider not airing out the bedroom in the morning.”

Lüften is grounded in the belief that fresh air promotes well-being and can prevent issues related to poor indoor air quality, such as mold growth and respiratory problems. This practice is not only seen in private homes but is also commonly observed in schools, offices, and other public spaces in Germany. Practicing Lüften is even required by some apartment leases in Germany!

The Art of Lüften: Unique Benefits 

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Lüften remains so popular because it delivers important benefits for sleep and health:

  • An infusion of fresh air: Circulating fresh air though your bedroom can improve the quality, creating an overall healthier environment for relaxation and sleep.
  • Reducing odor and mold: Stale indoor air often harbors unpleasant odors and mold. Lüften helps dissipate these odors, leaving your room smelling clean and fresh.
  • Enhancing breathing: Clearing out allergens and irritants can improve breathing.
  • Cools the room: A cool room (with warm bedding, of course) is recommended for better rest.

As you may have already surmised, the drawbacks to Lüften are greater energy consumption; higher heat costs; and a bigger carbon footprint. This is why it’s important to close the door of your bedroom before opening the window and limit the blast of cool air to just five or ten minutes at most. 

Mulberry Park Silks: Supporting Your Lüften Goals

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Whether you Lüften a little or a lot, choosing the right bedding can help make the most of your fresh-air infusion. Mulberry Park Silks sheets, pillowcases, and duvet covers are the perfect choice for Lüften lovers:

Hypoallergenic: Mulberry Park Silks sheets are inherently hypoallergenic, which makes them an excellent choice for those who prioritize a clean and allergen-free sleep environment. Our pure silk sheets naturally repel dust mites and other allergens, contributing to a healthier and more restful night's sleep.

Gentle on Sensitive Skin: If you have sensitive skin, Mulberry Park Silks sheets are your perfect match. Along with being hypoallergenic, these sheets have a smooth, charmeuse weave that provides a gentle touch for anyone with sensitive skin. 

Temperature Regulation: One of the standout features of Mulberry Park Silks sheets is their exceptional temperature-regulating properties. Whether you're embracing the Lüften lifestyle in the chill of winter or the warmth of summer, these sheets adapt to your body temperature, to keep you sleeping comfortably throughout the night.

Our silk sheets are made from 100 pure silk, Grade 6A, which is the finest in the market. Crafted with meticulous care, our luxurious sheets offer a range of features that align seamlessly with the goals of the Lüften lifestyle. Choose from a range of colors in 19, 22, and 30 momme weights. They are the perfect complement to your Luften practice! Of course, our team is always here to answer questions about our silk and help you choose your perfect silk pillowcase or silk sheet sets.

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Mulberry Park: Accessible and Affordable Luxury Silk

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