Don’t Waste Money on Alpyn Beauty Eye Cream Before Reading This

If you use Alpyn Beauty products, this blog is for you. Alpyn devotees love the mix of cutting-edge science and natural botanicals in this unique skin care line. This article discusses how using pure silk accessories–specifically, a silk sleep mask from Mulberry Park Silks–can support the efficacy of Alpyn products, including the best-selling Alpyn Line-Filling Eye Balm.

Mulberry Park Silks Accessories: Supporting Your Beauty Regimen

Here at Mulberry Park Silks, we are about more than just luxury. Of course, our silk bedding and accessories are supremely indulgent to see and–even better–to touch.  But our sheets, pillowcases, sleep masks, and other accessories do so much more: keep hair and skin hydrated; prevent dry skin; minimize fine lines and wrinkles; and protect sensitive skin from allergies and irritation. Today we’re going to take a close look at our silk sleep mask, and why it’s such an important accessory for anyone using luxury eye creams like Alpyn Beauty Line Filling Eye Balm.

Alpyn Beauty: Scientific Skincare Born from Alpine Botanicals 

Alpyn Beauty, a visionary skincare company, seamlessly blends the potency of wildcrafted botanicals with modern science to create a range of clean beauty products for every skin type. Founded on the premise of harnessing the unique benefits of wild plants and alpine botanicals, Alpyn Beauty crafts luxurious formulations that marry the purity of nature with advanced skincare technology. The rejuvenating serums, nourishing moisturizers, and revitalizing masks include highlighted ingredients such as wild nettle, wild huckleberry, sweet agave, hyaluronic acid, and more. Alpyn Beauty stands out not only for its efficacious formulations but also for its dedication to preserving the pristine beauty of the natural world with sustainability efforts such as ethical ingredient sourcing.

One of Alpyn Beauty’s best-selling products, Line Filling Eye Balm, generates rave reviews for improving the appearance of the under-eye area. It is packed with natural ingredients including bakuchiol (a plant-based retinol alternative) to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles; caffeine to minimize the appearance of puffiness; and Vitamin C to target the look of dark circles and minimize puffiness. Alpyn Beauty notes that in a recent consumer panel  more than 90 percent of users agreed that their eyes were less puffy and a similar number said their fine lines were reduced. But those results don’t come at a low cost: a .5 oz jar of Alpyn Line-Filling Eye Balm retails for $62. 

A Silk Sleep Mask: Maximizes the Power of Your Eye Cream

If you’re investing in Alpyn Botanicals Line Filling Eye Balm–or any pricey moisturizer for that matter–your pillow and sleep accessories are supporting your efforts. And if that pillowcase and accessories are made from cotton, they are probably undermining the work of even the most expensive eye cream. Cotton, by its very nature, is absorbent. That means it pulls moisture away from the very skin you want to hydrate. At the same time, cotton contains microscopic fibers that tug and tear at delicate skin, leading to sleep wrinkles and puffiness.

The solution is simple: switch to silk. Of course, there are many benefits to sleeping on a genuine silk pillowcase from Mulberry Park Silks. But you should also seriously consider using one of our luxurious silk sleep masks to protect and hydrate while you sleep.

Beauty and Health Benefits to a Silk Sleep Mask

model in navy silk sleep mask

Using a silk sleep mask from Mulberry Park Silks is one of the best things you can do for your skin, and your sleep. Here’s why:

Hydration: Unlike cotton, silk fabric is protein based. It helps your skin retain natural moisture and also won’t absorb your expensive eye cream. Sleeping with a silk eye mask puts the conditioning power of silk directly against your eyelids to help this wrinkle-prone area stay smooth and hydrated.

Soothing: Silk is naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to allergens, dust, and mites. This keeps your skin healthy and comfortable. It also makes silk the ideal fabric for anyone with skincare concerns like acne, eczema, or psoriasis.

Better Sleep: Better sleep means more beautiful sleep. And using our light-blocking silk sleep masks allows you to get the deep, dreamy sleep that repairs your skin on a cellular level. More than that: getting adequate rest can greatly improve your overall health and well-being, including your memory

Mulberry Park Silks: The Highest-Quality and Best Value Sleep Mask

Model in plum sheets smiling while wearing plum sleep mask

Our silk sleep mask is made from 100 percent pure mulberry silk in a substantial 22 momme weight, charmeuse weave material for the ultimate in luxury and comfort. The mask is generously proportioned for full coverage with a comfortable one-size elastic band that's wrapped in silk (no ripping or tugging at hair when you take it off!). Stylish piping adds a tailored detail. Choose from fashion forward shades including White, Ivory, Sand, Silver, Gunmetal, Rose, Steel Blue, and Black. All Mulberry Park Silk products are made from the highest quality silk in the market, Grade 6A, and independently certified to be free from any harmful toxins or chemicals.

Just as important, Mulberry Park Silks is a transparent and trustworthy brand committed to selling the highest quality silk pillowcases at fair and affordable prices. We are a proud US-based company, with a warehouse, corporate offices, and customer service team all located in Branford, CT. If you have any questions or concerns about anything related to our silk, you can reach us by email or phone. We are always happy to help.

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Mulberry Park: Accessible and Affordable Luxury Silk

We founded Mulberry Park with one simple mission: to design the highest quality silk items in the market and offer them at an affordable price. And we've done just that, with a full range of silk products made from 100% pure mulberry long strand silk fabric. The silk fabric used for our silk sheets and silk pillowcases has also been OEKO-TEX® Certified (Standard 100) to be free of chemicals.

Visit us online or call us at (800) 860-1924 to learn more about our silk sheets, silk pillowcases, duvet covers and shams, and real silk accessories including sleep masks, travel pillows, and silk hair scrunchies.