Silk Pillowcase Product Review: Mulberry Park Silks vs. Fishers Finery

Investing in a high-momme weight pure silk pillowcase is a fabulous idea. Similar to thread count in cotton sheets, momme is a weight measurement used in silk fabric; higher momme silk is denser and softer, making it ideal for luxurious, comfortable rest. Thirty momme weight silk is typically the heaviest weight fabric used for pure silk bedding and pillowcases. A 30 momme weight pillowcase is the ultimate in luxury; it will look and feel lustrous; help you sleep better; keep your hair and skin well-hydrated; prevent facial wrinkles and hair breakage; and protect sensitive skin

Once you've decided that a 30 momme weight silk pillowcase is for you (click here for more on choosing the right momme weight), your next step is selecting among the various brands. At Mulberry Park Silks, we believe in providing clients all the information they need to make the best decision when buying a silk pillowcase. This includes details such as type of silk; quality of silk; environmental certification; price; and more. Any reputable silk manufacturer will be completely transparent about these factors; you can learn more about how to shop for a silk pillowcase here.

Evaluating high-quality, 30 momme count silk pillowcases can be a bit confusing for even the most seasoned linen shopper, as the differences among brands can be quite subtle. Let's take a closer look and compare two popular 30 momme silk pillowcases: Mulberry Park Silks and Fishers Finery to determine which offers the best quality and value.

Mulberry Park 30 momme silk pillowcase vs Fishers Finery

Fishers Finery 30 Momme Silk Pillowcase, Standard

Fishers Finery Pillowcase Quality

Fishers Finery silk pillowcase in 30 momme is made from pure mulberry silk in Grade 6A. The fabric is soft and luxurious, and certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® which means that every component of the item has been independently tested and certified safe for human health. Fishers Finery pillowcases are machine or hand washable; the website features detailed washing instructions.

Fishers Finery Pillowcase Design

Fishers Finery 30 momme pillowcase in standard design features a French seam and an envelope closure that measures six inches to hold the pillow securely in place. There is an issue, however, with the size. The Fishers Finery standard size silk pillowcase is listed as measuring 20 x 28 inches; when we measured the pillowcase for ourselves, it measured only 20 x 24.5 inches. This means that a standard size pillow would actually have to be compressed into this pillowcase. This pillowcase comes in four colors: Natural White (undyed), Silver, Taupe, and Light Blue.

Fishers Finery Company / Companion Products

Fishers Finery appears to be a lifestyle brand that sells clothing, jewelry, accessories, home and travel gifts as well as silk pillowcases and accessories. The company does NOT sell silk sheets or other silk bedding such as duvet covers or shams. The 30 momme pillowcase is also marketed as part of the company's "Black Label" collection that includes silk pillowcase and cashmere accessories.

Fishers Finery box

Fishers Finery Packaging

The Fishers Finery 30 momme silk pillowcase comes in a heavy-duty magnetic closure gift box.

Price: $99.99, marked down as of the time of this writing to $54.99

  • Pure mulberry silk, Grade 6A, OEKO-TEX® certified, washable
  • Four color options
  • Company sells silk pillowcases and silk accessories, no bedding as well as other lifestyle, fashion, travel and home products
  • Measurements are inaccurate; pillowcase measures smaller than advertised
  • Sturdy, attractive packaging
  • Luxury pricing, but is often on "sale"

Mulberry Park Silks 30 Momme Silk Pillowcase, Standard

Mulberry Park Silk Pillowcase Quality

The 30 momme weight silk is the most luxurious pillowcase sold by Mulberry Park Silks. It is made from 100 percent pure mulberry silk, Grade 6A, which is the finest silk fiber in the marketplace. All products made by Mulberry Park Silks are naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to mold and dust mites; they are also certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® to guarantee that they are free from any harmful toxins and chemicals. Mulberry Park Silks pillowcases can be machine washed on a gentle cycle. There are extensive care guides and a comprehensive, informative blog easily accessed on the website.

Mulberry Park Silk Pillowcase Design

Mulberry Park Silks 30 momme Standard pillowcase features a French seam all the way around for a clean, tailored look that won't require special ironing after wash. It also features a generous 7.5" envelope closure to hold the pillow securely in place without need for a zipper. The charmeuse weave is lustrous and soft with a matte finish on the reverse. This pillowcase is available in four colors: Ivory, White, Silver, and Gunmetal.

Mulberry Park Silk Pillowcase Company / Companion Products

Mulberry Park Silks was founded with the express mission of bringing the highest quality silk to the market at fair and affordable prices. We are a luxury silk bedding and accessory company; silk is our area of expertise and our focus. Mulberry Park Silks offers a full complement of silk bedding made from pure long strand mulberry silk in a variety of weights, including 30 momme, as well as a collection of accessories including glam bands, scrunchies, scarves, silk eye mask, an aromatherapy pillow and more. Pure silk sheets available in every size including Full, Queen, King, Cal King, and Crib/toddler sizes. Flat silk sheet and fitted silk sheet available as a set (including pillowcase) or individually. Duvet cover and Euro sham come in 22 momme weight silk.

Mulberry Park Silks Gift box

Mulberry Park Product Packaging

Mulberry Park Silks 30 momme pillowcase comes in a heavy-duty gift box that is stylish, sturdy, and ready to present.

Price: $62.00

  • Pure mulberry silk, Grade 6A, OEKO-TEX® certified, washable, robust blog and website
  • Four colors, full line of silk bedding including sheets, duvet covers, baby/toddler/youth and accessories
  • Standard sizing on pillowcase
  • Company dedicated exclusively to luxury silk bedding and accessories
  • Comfortable envelope closure with generous flap to hold pillow in place, French seams
  • Sturdy gift box
  • Regular retail price is significantly lower than Fishers Finery

Comparison of Mulberry Park Silks and Fishers Finery 30 Momme Pillowcases

Recommend Pillowcase


Mulberry Park Silks
30 Momme Silk

Fishers Finery
30 Momme Silk Pillowcase


$62.00 $99.99


Four: Ivory, White, Silver, Gunmetal Four: Natural White (undyed), Silver, Taupe, Light Blue

Silk Quality

100% pure mulberry silk
Grade 6A (highest)
100% pure mulberry silk
Grade 6A (highest)

Closure Type

Envelope, generous 7 1/2 inch flap holds pillow Envelope, 6 inch flap


20" x 26" 20" x 24.5" (mislabeled as 20" x 28")




Machine or hand wash Machine or hand wash

Company / Companion Products

Silk bedding and accessory company selling sheets, duvet covers, shams, eye pillows, hair accessories Lifestyle brand that sells clothing, jewelry, travel, and home products along with silk. NO SHEETS


Attractive purple gift box with magnetic closure Sturdy black gift box with magnetic closure

Pillowcase Sizes

Standard, Queen, King Queen, King


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Our Recommendation: Mulberry Park Silks 30 momme

In many respects, the Fishers Finery and Mulberry Park Silks 30 momme silk pillowcases are quite similar (quality and grade of silk, type of closure, environmental certification). And when Fishers Finery is on "sale" it is a bit more affordable.

However, we have a few concerns with Fishers Finery. First, the company is mistaken about the actual size of its Standard pillowcase, which measures 3.5 inches shorter in length than advertised. Second, Fishers Finery is a lifestyle/fashion/home brand that also sells silk pillowcases (admittedly of high quality). However, there is no indication that they are experts in silk, and they do not carry silk sheets. A look at their website also shows that all of their merchandise (across every category) is discounted to varying percentages. This leads us to distrust their pricing practices.

Mulberry Park Silks is dedicated exclusively to selling luxury silk bedding and accessories. Silk pillowcases and bedding is our passion, and we are experts. We offer a full range of silk items designed to coordinate and complement one another. Our pricing structure is consistent and fair, and our sizing is to industry standards. Moreover, we are happy to speak with you to answer any and all questions you have about our silk; we will even provide complementary fabric swatches for you to review in advance of your purchase to ensure that you are completely satisfied.

Finally, we welcome the chance to be evaluated against any competitor in the market. You can see how we compare to Blissy silk pillowcases here and Slip silk pillowcases here.

Mulberry Park: Accessible and Affordable Luxury Silk

We founded Mulberry Park with one simple mission: to design the highest quality silk items in the market and offer them at an affordable price. And we've done just that, with a full range of silk products made from 100% pure mulberry long strand silk fabric. The silk fabric used for our silk sheets and silk pillowcases has also been OEKO-TEX® Certified (Standard 100) to be free of chemicals.

Visit us online or call us at (800) 860-1924 to learn more about our silk sheets, silk pillowcases, duvet covers and shams, and real silk accessories including sleep masks, travel pillows, and silk hair scrunchies.