Mulberry Park Silks vs. THX Silk: 2023 Silk Pillowcase Product Review

This article helps you shop smart for a silk pillowcase with a comparison of 22 momme pillowcases from Mulberry Park Silks and THX Silk. 

If you’re in the market for a silk pillowcase, you are in for a treat. Sleeping on silk a great investment in beauty and wellness that can improve how you look and feel every day. It can protect your hair from tangles breakage and bedhead; minimize sleep wrinkles; and help keep your hair and skin moisturized while you sleep. Even better: it’s the absolute pinnacle of luxury. Nothing compares to the feeling of sleeping on pure silk.

Mulberry Park Silks: Transparency and Value

At Mulberry Park Silks, our mission is to sell the finest quality silk on Earth at fair and affordable prices. We also value transparency, and will never present anything other than an accurate, honest description of our silk and our company. As a client, you deserve to know how to evaluate the quality of a silk pillowcase and how to to assess all the other variables including style, price, service, shipping, and hidden costs. This is why we welcome the chance to compare ourselves with other products in the market.

Mulberry Park silk pillowcase vs. THXSILK silk pillowcase 

Comparing 22 Momme Pillowcases: Ours vs. THX Silk

In this blog, we’ll be comparing the Mulberry Park Silks 22 momme weight* pillowcase with the 22 momme pillowcase from THX Silk. We’ll take a deep dive into the quality, feel, features and pricing of each product. We want you to shop smart for silk and get the best value for your money.

*Momme count is a unit of weight measurement for silk. A higher momme weight silk pillowcase or silk sheet set will have proportionately more silk in it and the individual silk fibers will be thicker. In this way, momme is similar to thread count for a cotton pillowcase or sheets.

THX Silk Pillowcase

THX Silk Quality

THXSILK pillowcases are made from 100 mulberry silk of high quality (6A). The pillowcase is OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified safe from harmful chemicals and available in eleven colors: Grey, Pearl White, Charcoal, Champagne, Charming Pink, Metallic Gold, Black, Purple, Emerald Green, Red, and Navy. THXSILK pillowcases are machine washable with care instructions found on the label inside.

THX Silk Design

For purposes of this review, we are evaluating the 22 momme pillowcase which is ONLY available in hidden zipper closure (the envelope closure style is a pillow sham with a decorative flange, not a pillowcase, which is meant to be slept on). The seams are plain. The zipper closure seems to be of adequate quality and there were no obvious loose threads to get caught in the zipper. We find it odd that the company does not offer a 22 momme regular pillowcase with an envelope closure, as not everyone likes the zipper closure.

THX Silk Company / Companion Products

THXSILK appears to be a wide-ranging silk bedding, accessories and sleepwear company. They have a number of offerings across these categories, including silk sheets, duvet covers, body pillows, pajamas, and fashion and hair accessories. Silk sheets and pillowcases come in 19, 22, and 25 momme weights with a newly added silk pillowcase (also zipper closure) in 30 momme. Along with solid colors, THX Silk offers novelty print silk pillowcases in 19 momme weight.

This company is based in China, with all items shipping directly from (we assume) a silk factory. This brings a level of complication when it comes to shipping, returns, and customer service. Additionally, the company's website and communications seem to present the company as being headquartered in Colorado while also claiming to make their silk pillowcases in-house; this can be misleading by leaving the impression that the silk is made in the United States. 

THXSILK silk pillowcase packaging

THX Silk Packaging

The THX Silk 22 momme pillow comes in a lightweight satin and plastic envelope package with a see-through front (to view color) and a two-snap closure.

THX Silk Price

THX Silk 22 momme Queen pillowcase retails for $59.98

THX Silk Shipping

Bear in mind that ALL THX Silk products are shipped from China. The free, standard shipping for a pillowcase can take as long as 7 to 10 business days once it ships from China; the website notes that holidays and weekends are not considered business days. This means that your order could realistically take two weeks in "real time," without accounting for any transit delays.

Alternatively, you can opt for expedited shipping, which costs $15.99 unless your order is greater than $249 in which case it is free. This means that ordering a single pillowcase will cost you a total of $75, including shipping. This is where working with a China-based company like THX Silk can be a little tricky and offset the ostensibly “lower” price of the pillowcase. 

Bottom line: if you want your pillowcase in a reasonable timeframe, you are going to have to pay the $15.99 shipping and hope for the best.

THX Silk Customer Service

Similar to shipping, working to obtain customer service from a China-based company may prove difficult. THX Silk offers an email and live chat option, but no way to call the company and speak to an individual with questions or issues. There is no swatch sample program.

  • Pure mulberry silk, Grade 6A, OEKO-TEX® certified, washable, no blog
  • Eleven color options
  • Line includes silk bedding, sleepwear, and accessories
  • Zippered closure
  • Simple packaging
  • Company based in China
  • Competitive retail price offset by high shipping cost to receive in timely manner
  • Limited access to customer service, response in Chinese
  • NO swatches

Mulberry Park Silks Pillowcase

Mulberry Park Silks Quality

As we said, Mulberry Park Silks was founded with the mission of manufacturing and selling high-quality silk bedding at fair and affordable prices. Mulberry Park Silks Queen pillowcase is 22 momme and made from 100 percent mulberry silk, Grade 6A, which is the finest silk fiber in the marketplace. Our natural silk pillowcase comes in ten colors: White, Ivory, Silver, Gunmetal, Rose Quartz, Steel Blue, Black, Sage, Plum, Daffodil, and Sapphire. All Mulberry Park Silks products are breathable, naturally hypoallergenic, and resistant to mold and dust mites; they are also certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® to ensure safety. This rigorous, independent testing protocol examines every component of the pillowcase through every aspect of production to guarantee it is safe from any harmful toxins and chemicals and hypoallergenic for sensitive skin. Mulberry Park Silks pillowcases are machine washable on a gentle cycle. There are extensive care guides and a comprehensive, informative blog easily accessible on the website.

Mulberry Park Silks Pillowcase Design

Mulberry Park Silks Queen pillowcase features a French seam all the way around for a clean, tailored look that won’t require special ironing after wash. It also features your choice of a generous 7”+ envelope closure to hold the pillow securely in place or a high-quality hidden zipper based on client preference. The silk charmeuse weave is lustrous and soft with a matte finish on the reverse.

Mulberry Park Silks Company/Companion Products

Mulberry Park Silks offers a full complement of silk bedding made from pure long strand mulberry silk as well as a collection of accessories including scrunchies, scarves, silk eye mask, aromatherapy pillow, silk robes, and more. Pure silk bed sheets available a range of colors and sizes including Full, Queen, King, and Cal King. Flat sheet and fitted sheet available individually or as a bed sheet set (including pillowcases). Silk sheets and pillowcases come in 19, 22, and 30 momme weights. Pillowcases come in Standard as well as Queen and King. We also sell silk children’s bedding (crib/toddler bed sheets), a silk duvet cover and a Euro sham. While our silk products are made in China, Mulberry Park Silks is a US-based company, with both headquarters and warehouse located in Branford, CT. Merchandise ships directly from Branford, CT.

Mulberry Park silk pillowcase packaging

Mulberry Park Silks Pillowcase Packaging

Mulberry Park Silks Queen pillowcase comes in a heavy-duty gift box that is stylish, sturdy, and ready to present.

Mulberry Park Silks Price

Mulberry Park Silks 22 momme Queen pillowcase retails for $75.

Mulberry Park Silks Shipping

Mulberry Park Silks offers FREE standard shipping on all items.

Mulberry Park Silks Customer Service

Mulberry Park Silks is easily reachable by phone or email. You will be connected with a member of our design team to help with any questions you have. You can speak to a PERSON, in person.  We also have a swatch sample program that allows you to order a sample of the silk you are considering.

  • Pure mulberry silk, Grade 6A, OEKO-TEX® certified, washable, robust blog and website
  • Eleven solid color options and three limited-edition artist designs
  • Full line of silk bedding including sheets, duvet covers, baby/toddler/youth bedding, eye masks, eye pillows, hair accessories, and silk robes
  • Comfortable envelope closure with generous flap to hold pillow in place or high-quality hidden zipper, French seams
  • Stunning gift box
  • Company based in USA
  • Retail price includes shipping from well-established courier leaving from Connecticut
  • Customer service available by email AND phone
  • Swatch samples to review color

Comparing THX Silk to Mulberry Park Silk Pillowcases

  Recommend Pillowcase  


Mulberry Park Silks
22 Momme Silk Pillowcase

THX Silk
22 Momme Silk Pillowcase


Standard, Queen, King Standard, Queen, King, Cal King, Square, Two body pillows


11 colors

Three patterns from limited edition collection

11  colors

Silk Quality

100 percent pure mulberry silk
Grade 6A (highest)
100 percent pure mulberry silk
Grade 6A (highest)


3-5 day ship FREE

from Connecticut


3-5 "business day" ship from China $15.99

Closure Type

Envelope, generous 7+-inch flap or high-quality hidden zipper Zipper

Design Details

French seams for a tailored look Plain seam




Machine or hand wash Machine or hand wash

Other Products

Pillowcases, sheets, duvet covers, shams, crib/toddler sheets, toddler pillowcases, travel, and hair accessories, eye pillows, sleep masks, silk robes

Pillowcases and sheets in 19, 22, and 30 momme

Pillowcases, sheets, duvet covers, comforters, crib/toddler sheets and comforters, pajamas, hair accessories

Pillowcases and sheets in 19, 22, and 25 momme

Pillowcases 30 momme


Attractive, sturdy gift box ready for gifting Satin/plastic pouch with see-through window and snaps


FREE, three to five days within United States

Expedited: three to five days $15.99
(free for orders over $249)
Standard: 7 to 10 business time, free 

Company Based In

Branford, CT

Jiangsu Province, China?

Denver, CO?

Customer Service

Email, call, speak to design team for help and suggestions

Email (response in Chinese)

Live chat

Free Swatch Samples

Yes, complimentary No


Buy Now  

Our Recommendation: Mulberry Park Silks

A pure mulberry silk pillowcase Mulberry Park Silks is a better value than THX Silk for a number of reasons:

While both are equal in terms of quality of silk used, Mulberry Park Silks offers a choice of envelope or zipper closures.

Now let’s discuss price, shipping, and customer service. While the THX Silk 22 momme pillowcase is around $15 less than the 22 momme pillowcase from  Mulberry Park Silks, these numbers are misleading. Why? This is very important: you will have to pay a $15.99  shipping charge to receive your pillowcase within a two-week time frame. THX Silk ships from China. At Mulberry Park Silks, your items are shipped from our Connecticut warehouse via well-established courier companies. There is no mystery, no confusing pricing, and no chance of an international delay.

Most importantly, we are a U.S. based company that is committed to the finest customer service. You can email or call us with any question or concern. If you want to speak with someone, our design team is available. We can even send you swatches to review at home before you purchase your silk items. Your experience as a valued member of the Mulberry Park Silks family matters to us personally and we take great pride in serving our clients.

Please take a moment to read a comparison of Mulberry Park Silks pillowcases vs. Blissy pillowcases here and Slip pillowcases here.

Mulberry Park: Accessible and Affordable Luxury Silk

We founded Mulberry Park with one simple mission: to design the highest quality silk items in the market and offer them at an affordable price. And we've done just that, with a full range of silk products made from 100% pure mulberry long strand silk fabric. The silk fabric used for our silk sheets and silk pillowcases has also been OEKO-TEX® Certified (Standard 100) to be free of chemicals.

Visit us online or call us at (800) 860-1924 to learn more about our silk sheets, silk pillowcases, duvet covers and shams, and real silk accessories including sleep masks, travel pillows, and silk hair scrunchies.