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    Silk Insider Intel and Information

    Cosmo names Mulberry Park Silks 22 momme natural sheet set one of the best silk sheets your can buy today. Our sheets were recognized as the “Highly-Reviewed Choice” on the list. The article noted the luxurious feel of silk sheets; their breathability; and their unique ability to keep hair and skin moisturized.

    "Sophisticated" Steel Blue color cited as "Editor Favorite" by House Beautiful. The article, titled "The Best Silk and Satin Sheets You Can Buy Online at Every Budget," Mulberry Park Silk was named one of the best silk and satin sheets sets by House Beautiful. The article noted the positive reviews and color options.

    Mulberry Park Silks hair scrunchies named by Rank and Style as one of their 10 Best Hair Accessories. Rank and File discussed the many benefits of using silk scrunchies, including being gentle on hair (scrunchies won’t pull, tear, or break hair when you take them out) and not leaving dents in hair.


    Mulberry Park Silks' 22 momme sheet set was named one of the top ten silk sheets by Bustle magazine, Bustle, in the article titled “The Ten Best Silk Sheets” talked about silk sheets as a luxurious bedding upgrade, outlined information buyers should know such as type of silk; weave; and weight when purchasing sheets.

    King sized bed with high end silk bedding
    Mulberry Park Silks' 22 momme sheet set was named an Editor's Pick "Best Silk Sheets" in a recent article by the Robb Report. Titled "The Best Silk Sheets for a Luxurious Night's Sleep," the article appeared in the online edition of the Robb Report.

    Fine Linen and Bath Received the Men's Health 2020 Sleep Awards

    Mulberry Park Silks sheet sets has been recognize by Men's Health in their 2020 Sleep Award. The sheets were the top rate silk sleep products on the market. Men's Health praised them for being "soft, breathable, and hypoallergenic" while resisting "dust mites, molds, funguses, and more."

    Best White Silk Pillowcase

    Mulberry Park Silks 19 Momme Pillowcase is named a top choice by CNN Underscore. CNN noted the positive user feedback regarding fit, durability, and benefits to hair and skin of the this silk pillowcase.

    The Mulberry Park Silks 19 momme pillowcase was recognized by The Strategist, of New York magazine, to its People's Choice list. The Strategist article was titled, "The Best Silk Pillowcases on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers," and appeared in the digital edition of the magazine.

    22 Momme Silk Sheet Sets in Pink

    Mulberry Park Silks’ 22 momme sheet set was voted "Best Overall" by the Editors of in a recent ranking of silk bed sheets. Our goal has always been to design and produce the highest-quality silk items in the market at an affordable prices.

    Best Silk Bedding Sheets in White

    Mulberry Park Silks has been recognized by the Editors of Women's Health Magazine in a recent ranking of silk bedding. Our 22 momme silk charmeuse sheet sets was voted "Best Overall."

    Mulberry Park Silks' 19 momme pillowcase was recognized today by O, The Oprah Magazine, as one of the best silk pillowcases for healthier hair and skin. The article discusses that by switching to a silk pillowcase it is one of the best ways to improve your skin and hair while you sleep.