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    Model wears Sage Silk Robe
    Your new silk robe from Mulberry Park Silks is the very definition of wearable luxury. Like our beautiful sheets, it is also washable. You can hand or machine wash your silk robe with no need for dry cleaning. This article offers simple instructions for how to wash your silk robe safely.
    Makeup Stains on Silk Nothing compares to the absolute luxury of pure silk pillowcases and sheets. And there’s a good reason for that: high-quality mulberry silk delivers many benefits, like preventing bedhead and tangles; minimizing sleep wrinkles; keeping hair and skin naturally hydrated; and regulating body temperature for maximum comfort in any conditions. On top of all that, the lustrous charmeuse weave looks and feels absolutely decadent. But silk is an investment—one you want to make last by treating it well.
    Woman Models Silver Glam BandMulberry Park Silks is proud to introduce the Silk Glam Band, a perfect complement to our other silk accessories, including scrunchies, sleep masks, and lavender eye pillows. Our Glam bands were designed to solve common problems, such as; how to keep hair out of your face as you apply skincare treatments, during daily makeup application and removal, and when you workout.

    Waking up to find blood on your silk pillowcase or sheets is definitely no one's idea of a good time. Trust us, we've been there. We have tips for you to remove that blood stain from your silk items. Learn how to effectively tackle blood stains and get your silk sheets back on your bed ASAP.

    Open washing machine with blue silk sheets being taken out

    Learn more about caring for your silk sheets and silk pillowcases. These tips will help keep your silk bedding soft, luxurious, and welcoming over time. With proper care, your silk sheets and silk pillowcases will perform well, remain beautiful, and serve you well for years to come.



    We put the leading silk detergents to the (machine washing) test to help you figure out which one is best to keep your silk pillowcase and silk sheets feeling soft and silky smooth. We machine washed our Mulberry Park silk bedding with each of these silk detergents brands, and evaluate them based on price, performance, purity of ingredients, and more, so read on to see which one is the best for you silk.


    In the article we discuss how to iron silk without ruining this very delicate fabric. We share our top 7 tips (and cautions) when ironing silk. The surface you use to iron silk also matters, we discuss 3 things you should consider. Finally, we cover what setting to use on your iron.

    Can You Iron Silk? The short answer is yes, you can iron silk. But you need to proceed with caution as silk is a very delicate fabric. Learn the best temperature setting to ironing silk, ironing tips & tricks, alternative methods to removing silk wrinkles. In the article discuss whether to iron your silk and how to go about it if you choose to do so.

    Did you know that HOW you dry your silk sheets and pillowcases is equally important as how you wash them. The good news is that silk can be dried safely, easily, and quickly, simply by following these few quick tips.

    How often should I wash my silk pillowcases and silk sheets? We get this question a lot and we always say: You should wash your silk pillowcases and sheets just as often as you would any other sheets, or, whenever they need it! Here's your guide to washing, drying and ironing your silk pillowcases and silk sheets.