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    This February 14th, go beyond your usual flowers and chocolate. Silk bedding and accessories from Mulberry Park Silks make the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day! Our helpful gift guide makes shopping easy.

    What does the term Charmeuse mean? If you've shopped for silk bedding, you've probably seen the terms "charmeuse silk" or "charmeuse weave" to describe silk pillowcases or silk sheets. In this article we tell you what charmeuse means and the many benefits of charmeuse silk.


    Sleeping on silk sheets are a great investment in your hair, skin, and overall wellness. But with with so many silk sheets to choose it is honestly overwhelming - so buyer beware! In this guide we explain the most important things for you to consider when shopping for the best silk bed sheets.

    Open washing machine with blue silk sheets being taken out

    Learn more about caring for your silk sheets and silk pillowcases. These tips will help keep your silk bedding soft, luxurious, and welcoming over time. With proper care, your silk sheets and silk pillowcases will perform well, remain beautiful, and serve you well for years to come.



    We are often asked whether silk sheets are worth the money. And our answer is always the same: YES, silk is absolutely worth the money. No fabric on earth matches the feel of pure mulberry silk sheets and pillowcases. Silk bedding is wonderful for hair, skin, and quality of sleep. Silk sheets are an investment, but you need not overpay.

    Whether you’re looking to spoil someone special (or yourself!) this holiday season, Mulberry Park is here with the gift ideas you need. Our design team has curated this list of sure-to-please suggestions for gifting silk this season. Best of all, everything is in stock, ready to ship.

    When purchasing luxury bedding, the very first thing you need to decide is what fabric works best for you. Read on for a detailed comparison between cotton sheets and silks sheets and how to choose between the two.

    Learn How to spot fake silk and identify real silk. We have put together this essential guide to identifying authentic silk. By follow these eight tips that describe how to identify pure silk you will avoid all the many unscrupulous merchants to the marketplace selling fake silk.

    We compared two popular silk pillowcases and silk sheet sets from Lilysilk and Mulberry Park Silks. Learn which silk pillowcase and which silk sheets are best in this product breakdown!

    Caring for her 98 year-old father, Kay believes that sleeping on silk sheets have greatly improved her father’s skin, mobility, and overall health. "What I like about the silk is it’s smooth but not slippery,” she adds. Kay also reports that silk sheets help her father sleep more comfortably.

    Waking up to find blood on your silk pillowcase or sheets is definitely no one's idea of a good time. Trust us, we've been there. We have tips for you to remove that blood stain from your silk items. Learn how to effectively tackle blood stains and get your silk sheets back on your bed ASAP.

    After the year she's had, it's time to show the mom in your life some serious appreciation. Mother's Day is May 9th, and Mulberry Park Silks is here with the gift ideas you need. The gift of a pure silk pillowcase, bedding, or accessories will shower her with luxury and love.