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    Model Wears Silk Robe in sage

    Our customers asked and we responded with a resounding,Yes! Mulberry Park Silks is proud to introduce our highly requested, new, 100% pure charmeuse mulberry silk robe.

    When you think about a cozy winter bed, you may not immediately picture Woman Lies in Bed With Silk Sheetssilk bed sheets. And that’s perfectly understandable, given how great silk sheets are at keeping you cool in warmer months. But silk is actually a great addition to your winter bed.
    Baby Sits on Silk Bedding
    Today’s parents have lots of choices for their baby’s bed linen: organic cotton percale, Egyptian cotton sateen sheets, flannel sheets, bamboo sheets, microfiber sheets, and more. It may surprise you to learn that the best fabric for your baby’s fitted crib sheet is not cotton or a blend: it’s silk! This article explains why silk outperforms cotton as the absolute best fabric for your baby to sleep

    Mulberry Park Silks introduces three stunning silk pillowcases from The GalleryCollection, a limited-edition series featuring the art of Elyssa Helfman, a Florida-based nature and wildlife painter. The natural beauty of silk meets the vibrant art of nature on these 100% pure silk pillowcases.


    Toddler Sleeps With Stuffed Animal
    Your baby is growing up. Congratulations! And now that your “bigger baby” has graduated from crib to toddler bed, it is time to think about another milestone: adding a pillow–and a silk pillowcase–to their bedding ensemble
    Man With Beard Looks in Mirror

    If you’ve got a beard, you can definitely benefit from sleeping on a silk pillowcase. This article outlines the many benefits of silk for beards of any length.

    Excited About Her Mulberry Park Silks Gifts Under the Tree

    Mulberry Park Silks takes the stress out of holiday gifting with this helpful silk gift guide. This article includes pure silk gift ideas at a variety of price points.

    Can You Guess What Our Newest Designs Will Be?

    A Limited-Edition Printed Silk Pillowcase Series Designed by Nature and Wildlife Artist Elyssa Helfman.  Mulberry Park Silks has produced its first capsule collection in partnership with wildlife artist and painter, Elyssa Helfman

    This article discusses the benefits of sleeping on a silk pillowcase for anyone experiencing temporary or permanent hair loss.
    Sleeping on a silk pillowcase is actually a great idea for anyone with oily hair. This article explains why silk pillowcases work so well with oily or greasy hair.
    In our guide to selecting the right Momme weight silk sheets, we discuss all the variables you will need to consider. The two most important variables are budget and feel. No matter if you are a silk connoisseur or new to silk you will find this buyer's guide to silk sheets helpful.