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    Sleeping on silk sheets are a great investment in your hair, skin, and overall wellness. But with with so many silk sheets to choose it is honestly overwhelming - so buyer beware! In this guide we explain the most important things for you to consider when shopping for the best set of silk sheets.

    Today we are comparing two popular 22 momme silk pillowcases one from Blissy and the other from Mulberry Park Silks. We’ll take a look at the quality, feel, features, and pricing of each and help you determine which best fits your needs and budget.

    We put the leading silk detergents to the (machine washing) test to help you figure out which one is best to keep your silk pillowcase and silk sheets feeling soft and silky smooth. We machine washed our Mulberry Park silk bedding with each of these silk detergents brands, and evaluate them based on price, performance, purity of ingredients, and more, so read on to see which one is the best for you silk.


    Eyelash extensions are a big initial investment and are pricey upkeep. Of course, lash loss happens, however, swap your old cotton pillow case for a silk pillowcase from Mulberry Park Silks can help stop premature lash loss and breakage.

    This Valentine's Day embrace the romance and luxury of pure, natural silk by gifting it to your special some one. Check out our Cupid-friendly gift guide to bedding and accessory bundles that are guaranteed to spark some romance this February 14th.

    Don't miss the recent Redfin article we were featured in: "Cozy Bedroom Design Ideas for the New Year". Nothing beats ending your day by falling asleep in a relaxing and cozy bedroom – especially if your New Year's resolution was to get a better night’s sleep. There's so many cozy bedroom design options out there - from soft blankets to mattress toppers and white noise machines.
    In this article we take an honest look at the drawbacks of silk pillowcases and silk sheets.We’ve put together a list of five commonly identified disadvantages of silk bedding, including the expense and difficulty of care.Read on and discover the pros and cons of silk for yourself.


    Learn the salon secret of how a silk pillowcase can help to protect and care for your color-treated hair. A cotton pillowcase acts as a reverse conditioner by pulling moisture out of your hair while you sleep, whereas a silk pillowcases unique molecular properties help your hair and skin retain moisture.

    Cosmo names Mulberry Park Silks 22 momme natural sheet set one of the best silk sheets your can buy today. Our sheets were recognized as the “Highly-Reviewed Choice” on the list. The article noted the luxurious feel of silk sheets; their breathability; and their unique ability to keep hair and skin moisturized.

    Did you know that HOW you dry your silk sheets and pillowcases is equally important as how you wash them. The good news is that silk can be dried safely, easily, and quickly, simply by following these few quick tips.

    A team of scientists recently released peer-reviewed research about the effectiveness of common materials used for face masks such as cotton fabric, silk, and polyester. They found that a silk mask was the most effective barrier to droplets thanks to its ability to repel water and its anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and hypoallergenic properties.

    Have you ever wondered why silk sheets and silk pillowcases are so expensive? Why to seemingly similar products are priced differently? It's important to understand that when it comes to luxury sheets made from real silk, you will pay more for higher quality. Silk is a natural fiber, and silk production is a time-intensive process. But there’s a lot more to it.